Fights more and more await you


Peace in all planetary quadrants!

Peace also in your hearts!

Warriors of the Light, you have achieved victory while fighting in in the invisible dense regions.

Your sparkling Swords of Light at service of the progress and evolution, in the name of Jesus slaughtered the ferocity of the dark creatures, providing them with new opportunities for change in the evolutionary trajectory.

Your clothes and armor in according with your spiritual graduation remain illuminated and ready for new fights.

Time urges!

While on Earth based on the earthly calendar, Christmas festivals and a New Year approaches, the planet moves forward, eager to reach the dimensions of peace and harmony, as aggressions against its kind body do not cease. Humanity suffers, but the acts of violence against the neighbor and the Earth, the blessed house, do not cease.

From the High, we guide you with our hearts happy for your progress and effort that each one imposes to modify his/her own vibratory tone, reaching the elevated level of the Regenerated Earth.

Fights more and more await you until the end of the “planetary cycle”!

Thousands of spaceships are prepared collecting from earth, spirits and other creatures unable to remain in it, leading them exiled to other planets to follow in the path of progress.

Beloved Jesus guides our steps during the planetary cleaning.

Onwards, warriors!

We accompany your awakening to the Light guiding you safely to the Land of Regeneration!

Peace in your hearts!

Here is your Commander, who guides you from Heaven.

Blessed is Jesus!


Ashtar Sheran

GESH - 12/18/2020 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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