Stop the foolish attachments


Peace on all of the quadrants and in your hearts too!

Brothers, under the starry sky, we stay absorbed in the work of serving you during the rescue of souls, whose vibrations reached the minimum necessary for fraternal help.

Your brothers live in intraterrestrial cities in order to offer you a good place during the planetary transition.

You are among of us. They are good friends penetrating into planetary sphere searching for communication. That is a blessed opportunity to publish the knowledge necessary to allow your evolutionary jump.

Between you and us, there is just the prejudice and ignorance. Remove the obstacles that distance you of our presence and understand them.

We would like to help the largest number of brothers, but we need your help.

The Superior Spirits tell you: "Love you" and "instruct you". We say, "Loving and instructing you elevates your vibratory pattern to reach the flight of freedom"

Stop the useless attachments. Stop the waves of hate, luxury, envy, jealousy and other negative feelings.

A world of peace and love awaits you. Go to its encounter. We cannot look for you, if you do not send us higher vibrations.

Thank you.

Ashtar Sheram, GESH – 10/08/04 - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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