The Russian submarine sunk in 2000


We expected an opportunity for divulging this message. Read it impartial and carefully.

I left my physical body and visited distant places. Some of them calm and others hostile. Sometimes, places with little fog and others with dense fogs stained with dark and sticky substances.

In one of those places, the inhabitants dressed a cap as the Russian people. Soon afterwards, I saw myself at "Underwater Spiritualistic Basis" with an Instructor of ours spiritualistic House. He pointed me some embodied people, maybe technicians equipped well that discussed on whom and how penetrate into a submarine. They looked frightened.

Outside, where we were invisible to human eyes, I saw the submarine sunk. By orders of ours Guide, we should follow those technicians carefully until we had registered them by our mental screen.

Everything should be too fast. Then, I saw our friends a little frightened too. I was calm and confident, probably ignoring the risks on my presence there.

Even out of the sea, I could see rests of that machine. The prow was partially buried in the bottom of the sea, having the stern lightly raised, a hole on the lateral sides and ironworks exposed. From that place, left a light that served me as guide, because the atmosphere was very dark. I swam in that direction with no special equipment, although I could feel my body prepared for that task.

I swam until reaching the submarine easily as that place was usual to me. Beside if, several images passed through my mental screen such as sufferer families and men struggling to survive there. (They did not die at first impact, among them that one who wrote the letter).

I entered in the middle of those twisted iron in the skull, and there inside, I saw bodies on the ground, a dense atmosphere and frightening silence. The panic lived by those men still polluted the air, however, it was as if in the last moments, those people still lucid and alive had entered into torpor state in order to reduce them the suffering. The whole tension magnetized in the physic sphere. I thought if I leaned on something there, everything would be destroyed. Thence my Instructor was worried.

Even attached to those tragic events of that embarkation, during the painful moments before the tragedy, I could see the crew frightened on danger of that load. They feared an atomic explosion and damages caused because of escaping of radioactive substance. In a word, I could register mentally the expectation and fear of that crew before the event.

Another picture appeared in my mind. Probably the moment the submarine reached the bottom of the ocean provoking unbalancing all things inside it. At once, I was inside that room with many substances. Then, I saw a scene went on the past as follows: some flasks of around 20 cm with substance similar water back and forth without breaking them. I thought how that was possible. Soon afterwards, I found the answer. The flasks had metallic body and upper side had a globe probably made of glass with spray.

Maybe, if those flasks broke, much radiation should provoke many deaths.

In my mind, I registered everything possible and I came back through the same road. I swam until the surface where the Instructors awaited me. I was happy with my task accomplished successfully. However, it was not sure; if some people had been there and removed the registers happened there before.

GESH – 10/27/00 - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

Note: Read the message nr. 121 received on August 21, 2000.

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