From Brazil starts the notion of Homeland without Borders


Brazil, heart of the world!

Homeland of the Evangel!

Brazilian brothers, our people were constituted to present to the world the progressive conquests of solidarity and love to the neighbor. We should spread by all the Nations, the Light under the Aegis of the Lamb.

Free from prejudices, bitterness or resentments exemplify by pardon, lesson learned by all that had gone by several cultures, acquired the conditions to incarnate in this land.

Brazil will be the barn of the world, not to subdue or exploit the poor people, but to distribute wisely to distribute the little that remains in a clear example of the Father's Love spilled on the humanity.

It is from that friendly and fraternal nature that will be born a new sense of future people constituted by only one race, with same survival needs. Only one Nation where all the creatures are brothers not mattering whom or where come. Only one religion for practice of helping the neighbor and based on beginnings of universal love.

From Brazil will break the notion of homeland without borders, of obedient and peaceful people devoted to his Homeland. Strong winds will sweep the continents, but over Brazil will have a screen, the invisible flag that will protect it.

That the purposes of God render concrete and your Brazilian souls are involved with peaceful songs and fraternity among all the terrestrial people.

Brazilian people go ahead! Courage and faith, solidarity and rightness of character. You are the chosen people to exemplify to the world the Good New received.

That the Mister of the Worlds blesses us.

Ismael, GESH – 06/12/04 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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