Exhortation to the terrestrial people


Referring on us again:

Brothers, your walk in the matter brings the mark of violence and pain. Only those blind ones because of vanity, pride and selfishness, they ignore that the roads chosen along the millennia have only been taking you to the destruction.

Recognize finally that better road no more is drawn by high spheres inciting you to the redemption of yours crimes, putting you again in harmony with Divine laws.

Dear friends, surrender on behalf of Father.

Restart new life based on sublime values of Evangel!

All of the people received the grace of Sublime Love, expressed by intermediaries devoted to the Good like strong lights illuminating your walk.

You have all the instructions able to follow you up towards the safe port of fraternal love.

The call that you hear now, it represents nothing else than wide notes pointing you out the misunderstandings in your walk. No news we bring now besides the group of high ideas that is your itinerary of conducting. However, the Spirits of Light only give to you the knowledge necessary to expand your understanding on life.

You are bearers of passport for happiness. Why do you insist on clandestine trip exposing you to the risks of difficult and painful course?

Come to me. I am the Love and your pains will be consoled. However, I ask you to avoid the mistakes that they provoke on you. Sooner you will face your own desire and return to the unnecessary primitivism to get up again before the light.

Dear children of my Father! Come to me so that you have cured your pains.

I call you on behalf of God. Receive me in your hearts.

Jesus Sananda, 02/13/004

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