Where there is absence of Love there is absence of Light


Dear Brothers!

The attention paid to our orientations has to be made with clean and courageous hearts filled with faith in the High Lord.

Revelations never have been easy to be transmitted to past or current humanities that have been so incredulous and lacking of a minimum of faith in order to recognize the chaos all around.

If it has been possible for every one of you to distinguish the reality at the spiritual plane covering this humanity, you would beg the Father to apply extreme measures to solve and clean the several planes of life. Meanwhile, when we approach you, bringing orientations, we cause doubts in your minds and anguish in your hearts. Indeed, our revelations and us is not what is causing such discourage; it is your so few faith what put you on difficult situation before the spiritual reality and the purest truth. Why is it so difficult for you, terrestrial humanity, to distinguish the truth approaching you?

Would it be in fact our presence necessary to show you at every moment the absence of love?

Where there is absence of Love there is absence of Light and if there is no light, what we have then?

Until when would it be necessary to tell you what is happening for not to doubt about our words?

Until when would you be blind before the superior truths?

When each of you, sons of the same FATHER and fruit of so distant and long evolution, have to rise your eyes to the High searching for happiest days, leaving behind your primitive feelings?

If we are not extending you our hands then you remain blocked; if we extend our hands as result of our sincere love, you reject to believe in our words and remain blocked as well.

When would you awake brothers? When would awake of that dream, of that illusion in which you remain? When you would leave behind all your miseries? Would it be when all is happening, with major or minor intensity, all around the world? Then, you would recognize that the prophecies were true and you did not pay attention; may be in that moment could be late to return to the point where you had recognized the previsions.

Do your reflection about these words.

You had among you 2000 years ago a Being of Supreme Spiritual Beauty who was spreading a sweet message of Love, for loving each other, like the FATHER loves you; so, What have you included of this in your daily life?

Do not wait until the suffering overturn you and at the end you could distinguish what was so obvious. Do not wait until your neighbor believes for you to believe. Look to recognize in your hearts the certainty of the current events announcing the future events.

Do your reflection on these warning and advising words coming to you, since when the events lift the sad veil of pain on the Earth, then at that moment would be as late as to want to recover the lost time.

A new time will establish in the sowing done. The madness will be among you. There would not be clarity among the human who, animalized by the presence of the Cleaner Planet, would return to the primitive attitudes fighting each other just as natural tradition as dispute for food, territory and mate.

Would it be necessary that humans return to that point?

It is not by divine determinism that the suffering temporary has to remain on this planet, but by election of this sleepy humanity.

The choice is yours, brothers!

Remember, from these words, the ways you have been walking all along your reincarnations and perceive that it is time to modify your attitudes in favor of the Light, Harmony and Peace for this Planet.

Do not think that what is happening to you, terrestrial beings, is restricted to your world. All your Planetary System is influenced by your pernicious layer of vibrations that, day after day covers the Earth. You are, as collectivity, responsible for the effect of those deleterious emanations around your Solar System. Be prepared to withstand the effect of downs and unbalances of your emotional bodies.

I hope these words could reach the great amount of individuals and remain aware we are among you sending our messages and orientations through this and other Groups of work.

The influence of the Cleaner Planet is felt in the terrestrial crust. Its inferior magnetism is already influencing several people, whose vibrations would not reach the minimum as to be above the influence of that Planet. Such beings are far from our capacity of protection and by that way they would be subjected to their own vibrations. It is necessary in that phase; to be maintained at differentiated vibratory levels. Those who wish the light have to make an effort to remain at the proper vibratory level in order to be immune to the influence of the inferior magnetism of the Cleaner Planet.

Those who still have doubts, try to experiment remaining at superior vibratory levels to do, indeed, their choices. For those who do not believe, we invite them to do a reflection in the sense that they discover where they are and in which vibratory level they are tuned.

The measure you have to take into account is the Christian values.

Those who follow the commandment of the God`s Law, looking to act according to the Major Spirituality and its orientations and following their neighbor`s Love, are then in conformity to the Law.

Those who are thinking only in themselves have to find a major sense for their lives and to be sure that, with major intensity the Father thinks on them.

Stop thinking so much in yourselves.

Delegate that task to someone so Superior. Look for act in favor of the neighbor. Be an instrument of the Father in the modification of the destiny of your neighbor, intervening positively, helping, giving the needed support, either in the affective, psychological or material aspect. Do the charity.

In that is what the first phase consist. It is the Phase of Great Selection that is occurring now among you; however, many people could not receive nor accept the events.

So much worries us the incredulity of people, no because we want they believe us, but because our major worry within our field of work is the suffering that each of you will face.

The following moment (2nd phase) would be the three days of darkness that will represent for each being the return to their internal world for a confrontation of the Darkness with the Light. While the external world be obscured by the direct or indirect action of the human, this latter would also be in contact with its interior world and would verify if it is obscured or illuminated by charity and Love attitudes that its spirit will feel.

During this 2nd phase so many people will not withstand the reality they have to face in the darkness made of egoism in which they live and they will try to find the death as a way to stop the pain of the sad discovery to see them covered by darkness. However, the certainty of be alleviated would be substituted by affliction, many times so major and for a longer and continue darkness more than the necessary.

I hope the humbleness could be present in your hearts at that moment that you are facing your wounds and your reduced light.

I hope you have the enough humbleness to recognize your faults and mistakes made, begging to the High one more time for a new opportunity for progress and be sure, whatever you are, light will be there and you will be rescued by it. Those who could achieve a step further that period would be already ahead in the process of selection. I hope, in the moment you hear these words, you are spirits benefited by the clarification to ascend to happiest worlds leaving behind a past of failures.

The Divine Mercy will reach you wherever you are, although you had made whatever fault. Believe and trust, since the Divine Mercy, coming from the Infinite Love of the FATHER to all creatures, is the most powerful force of this, others and all the Universes. Only the most powerful force of that Love could be able to lift you, rescuing you from yourselves, since the rescue will occur and it will represent your own rescue.

After that period, the confrontation among the Darkness and the Light will materialize (at the physical world). Battles will be performed among the Groups of work of Master Jesus and the vandals in groups spread out by the different points of rescue that have been established previously. For that moment you have to be prepared as much as possible for the helping of souls, who through the suffering could deserve the right to that attention. It is that way, by means of intense pain; you would be in conditions for a new opportunity of choice.

Many of you, who are now listening or reading these words, would need, for our sad, to feel in your body the pain and suffering in order to understand what we are talking about. We know and understand that it has to be…. (We lost the phrase).

We do respect the moment of your humanity. We do it. We hope each of you do your choice according on what the heart is telling you.

It is our task that all of you receive the information about the events.

Finally, after the phases where the physical and moral pain would remain among the humans, there would be the chaos apparently total, when even those immersed in the light could thing that all is lost. In that moment, our starships that are flying to the Earth, with billions of trained beings so prepared under strict orientations by the superior spiritual hierarchies will reach the souls that at the end could achieved the vibratory level. This either through their own will or that they are reaching the 1st phase, either through the confrontation with their interior world or that arrived or will arrive the 2nd phase, either through physical and moral pain or that arrived or will arrive to the 3rd phase.

Understand my dear brothers that we are not spreading the fear, horror or panic. As an adult advising the unprepared child we are just indicating you the consequences of your egoism, proud and lacking of charity and absence of Love.

You have in your hands your own destiny; modifying it is your task; helping you is ours and here we are among you to assume it, being this your will or not, since we are following a very superior orientations that even you could imagine.

Remain in the Peace of the Planetary Christ and we hope HE could cover your Planet with vibrations of the purest love, touching you heart.

Town of Earth! Awake! Abandon your vices and be pure and clean of heart.

I greet you on behalf of the Great White Universal Fraternity.

I greet you on behalf of Master Jesus, Sananda


Master Ramatis = Kuthumi
Psychophonic message received in GER on 10/10/98 - Alto Paraiso/GO - Brasil.

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