Settlement of God´s Kingdom


The settlement of God´s Kingdom on earth takes place through the fights and battles so that is hoisted the Flag of Christ, actually.

Be careful to confrontations; avoid distortions of reality with neophytes who seek renewal of theirs.

This House was placed on solid basis of Truth and Faith so that was not affected by any embodied or disembodied spirit.

The women of this small Group are able to detect better the depth of attacks suffered here. Keep on alert for any focus of harmful fire addressed over the work, and turn it off, cautiously, so that the flames do not spread out.

The humans did not learn yet seek lowly, help necessary and often they think are instructors and not neophytes; they confuse the attitudes as if they were helpers and no more patients.

Patience and prudence is necessary, therefore the traps are subtler and stronger over you. You are crossing by fragile way in order to attack the big Beast while you are as vulnerable object to those insane creatures.

Jesus is with us

Yours Master,

Shama Hare, GESH – 07/17/05 - Vigil ASJ - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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