Great Criminal Organizations accept the bestial orders



We greet you lovingly. The works of cleaning carry on before the last battle.

Many are the neglectful people still arrested by mental claws of "Beast".

Taken by pain and despair, many beings are lost into mud of theirs mental universe of infernal vibration. The Providence determines that any human being, even at awful state, had new chance for renewal.

It depends on those neglectful ones of old times, today renewed on behalf of Christ; redeem the helpless souls lost into that dirt.

Blessed fraternal work that invites you to soft rescue regard the pains incited on brothers in old times.

Your bodies in the rotten mud, searching for bodies injured, they received special treatment that allow you go in and out, without affect your mental body.

Such preparation also becomes you invisible to "Beast" and free of any trouble, in case it notices your presence.

That work aims at reducing strength of that insane "Creature".

Q: Brother, what do mean?

A: The area, which you imagined like debris deposit of "Beast", it stores energy. The minds there have the worst criminal thoughts and upset feelings that have ever crossed by terrestrial surface, whose mental disposition was linked directly with "Beast."

Q: Then was the Beast that supplied by those Beings ´thoughts when embodied?

A: Yes. It was anchorage of theirs on earth, while they supplied Machiavellian ideas so that the other ones executed the bestial orders.

Q: Thus, weren´t they ordinary thieves but great criminal bosses?

A: Yes. Intelligent and skilled minds, usually leading Great Criminal Organizations like Secret society and Terrorist Factions that your history presents them well daily.

Otherwise, they differ from unhappy fanatic ones that bring inwardly power of vile crimes, planed by other ones not so intelligent able to transmit insane thoughts.

Count Rochester, GESH – 07/15/05 - Vitoria/ES- Brazil

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