You were trained well


The plan for this work that you perform may clean the harmful energies supplying the Beast, and goes on until ends this cycle. As you know and through your work as warriors of Light, no residue shall affect your bodies.

All the steps were taken to become you impermeable, once you must break through awful and dirt areas, where no embodied should penetrate without affect his spiritual health.

You were trained more than enough for such task, depends on you mental balance to uphold the protecting measures which we covered you.

Do not allow any event affect your mental balance.

We wish Peace of Mister of all Worlds involve the wandering souls.

Ramatis, GESH – 07/15/05 - Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Clairvoyance: The message arrived afterwards showed ourselves involved by packing like mummification. A transparent helmet with front cleaner covered our heads.

From High, a ship that took part in this task, it projected us strongly into a muddy area, where we had to perforate the soil until finish the driving strength.

Thus started a true check-up where we found human bodies lost into dirt. Then, we should point out the exact place they were and from that, same ship left the "strength" lifting up those bodies.

The task was slow and long, because the dark area, where we only could detect something at short distance. We should cross by that moving mud, slowly, chasing the bodies, moved by our mental power.

GESH – 07/15/05

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