Stop the Rebellion!


When mouths silence, minds equally do it. Mentally, they inquire about that not understood.

Brothers, this is the moment for explanations on subjects that you have been avoiding up to now, in order to awake your conscience as opportunity for new progressive pulse.

This is the last race influenced by Beast on earth.

The Beast and followers go to new house appropriate to rebellion and arrogance of theirs.

Those people that vibrate with Best, seeking material goods to make easy their foolish life and increase their transitory power, all without exception are compulsorily transferred to similar globes suitable to their lifestyle.

Today, if you stand a chance in receiving explanations on harmful influence moving you carelessly along of many incarnations, avoid deafness and doubts. Study and endeavor as servants of Christ.

Only by means of study and anonymous work to neighbor, you can reach the vibrations and surpass the lower strip of Beast and Intruded Star.

If you do not invest on your own progress, who will do it?

Each one answers for himself and shall endeavor to avoid the inferior strips and reach higher landings.

That the voices silence, but equally the minds do not make questions uselessly. Seek understanding so that you surpass the harder trial this hour in which you live: Final Judgment!

Avoid rebellion, practice the Evangel of God. He is the Road, Truth and Life and no person goes to Father except through him.

John Baptist, GESH – 07/12/05 - Vitoria/ES- Brazil

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