Be Kindhearted and Know God


Slow and gradually our energies go away. You were dipped in the fuidical ocean of cosmical pure energies, sent by Commander Ashtar Sheram.

God´s Love allows to the honest men to know ideoplastical forces that constitute the primordial matter in configuration of planetary life.

It´s right the thought that, in your minds were recorded secret information and only by means of combats should blossom alive and vibrant in well-aimed attitudes facing the perverse vampires.

We defeated the vampires. Combat hard, difficult and only weren´t arrested the ones that got disperse away.

Be humble and penetrate the Kingdom of God.

Be tame and inherit the Earth.

Be kindhearted and know God.

We are with you fighting.

Don´t be afflict for unnecessary fear.

The energy load sent this afternoon is enough to protect you during the battle and still for some days after its end, so that the sludges originated of inferior contact don´t hurt you physical contexture.

Save the planetary place.

Save Jesus.

 Ysh-Wam and Mahyr

GESH, 02/07/05 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

Note: Extraterrestrial couple answered for the book: The Declined ones and their terrestrial journay.

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