For one Medium that gave up Jesus´ Wheat field


You are involved by hard wall that becomes you impermeable to the suggestions of your Guides and Masters.

The incredulity and fear are the cement with which you build up such wall. By the way dear disciple and loving son, the events happens at speed and imprudently you have parked, sowing careless future pains, easily avoidable.

We aren´ pressing you, just reminding of serious compromises taken before.

Times arrived. The cycle of pains ends and only who accomplish the least stage programmed bys Hostes of Light can stay in the Land of Regeneration.

You are dear son whom we looked for,there are millennia and we awaited your return as the father that awaits his prodigal son.

Son, give a chance to yourself as God´s son, immortal soul who was born for happiness. Not the transitory happiness as you imagine, but the eternal one that only has the spirit free of faults.

Jesus is our only Road.

Larger Truth. Eternal life,

To whom we work lovingly.

Shama Hare

GESH - 26/06/05 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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