Only Sad Facts Shake the people to this Reality


Save the road of the Light!

Save Faith in Jesus!

Since long time it´s listened: Jesus is the Road, Truth and Life!

Neverthless, most of the deaf and blind people, pretend as died, indifferent to the renovating changes. With all the materialistic and mundane events, they live according to their own pleasure and only interest them the physical world with all its nuances and transitory and useless illusions.

The material life is transitory and for certain time. It would be such as a trip that can be pleasant, sad and disastrous. The determinant, the referencial, the great secret of success of that trip that is nothing else than the material life, is Master Jesus´ Presence, because everything runs around him. His sequence, teachings and practice them daily.

To look for him and follow him depends on the Faith of each one...

The Evolved Mentors of Larger Spirituality haven´t saving efforts for that human awakening, but, unhappily, just under the veil of pains and tragedies, the man opens his heart and mind to the sad facts that shake him before the current reality.

The Celestial Father wants to his children progress and evolution of their Self, divine essence that it´s the spirit.

The material Body is the conductive and appropriate vehicle to the environment for spiritual manifestation.

As well as the material parents are happy with their children´s progress at school, arts or sport, imagine the Large Father´s satisfaction, before the smallest progress happened in the spiritual walk of each one of us.

uch time was already given, many teachings, warnings and alerts and the the last calls comes...

On the coming crucial moments, besides faith, charity and resignation, just the walkers beside Christ are winners and can see the supremacy of that Road, Truth and Life.

Peace for everybody.

Save the Christian Light of Love and Truth!

Sister Dulce

GESJ - 04/10/05 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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