The Sexual Energy


Peace in Jesus!

Peace to the blue Planet!

Brothers, the darkness with its whole army arsenal seek at most to emerge in your ambiance like a cloud of grasshoppers invading some place.

They take any type of human mistake in order to get space and, one of the largest human fault is the disorderly and aberrant sexual practice. All kind of fantasies or fetishes sexual, where the genetical or Kundalinical energies of the strong basic chacka or sacrum chakra, source of that dense and remarkable, dangerous and tempting energy, when it isn´t used by balanced and healthy way.

The genetical energy associated to the bad use of sexual energy creates aberrant conducts that lots of times incite hideous crimes that you notice daily.

Brothers, as a matter of fact, Sex is the divine matrix of continuation of life of yours.

The procreation is the Father´s blessing in your spiritual ascension.

Thus don´t let be prisioner of darkness, because the sexual energy can be accompanied by dark, heavy and bad energies, where the genetical or kundalinic energies from the basic or sacrum chakra become tempting and dangerous, when aren´t used in a balanced and healthy way.

Everybody need of love and sex, but that one blessed the Father, the procreative sex that lead to the evolution and redemption.

Peace in Jesus.

With love.

Aunt Irene

GESJ - 18/01/05 – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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