Little You Still Can See


Save brothers,

Peace of Jesus involves us, guiding our steps to evolutive journay, be this taking place at astral or physical plan.

All opportunity of working is blessed in the Wheat field of the Good, the work redeems the creatures, renews hopes and revives them, putting mind and body in touch with Higher Energies. The whole work, therefore, should be received as gift by workers and, as such driven, not awakening in the creatures, feeling less worthy, as we can notice sometimes, in our conviviality with embodied spirits.

Far away is the human creature to see the spiritual truth in events that reach him, in the several plans of existence.

Blessed he who has eyes cleaned by Light and already can see beyond his poor mind.

We are with you in the work of explanation on terrestrial humanity, with all our efforts for helping you at most we can.

So little we still know on advanced technologies brought by Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial brothers. Many are our surprises and large and grandiose is the learning we have been receiving through this fraternal and Christian help.

Firstly, we thank to God for wonderful gift given us, of intellectual, sensitive and operative performance of our medical skills, because we have learned so much, by conviviality with professionals of other orbes and their equipments.

This afternoon, your bodies were prepared in continuation to the work began previously, for facing the coming difficulties. Not just the battles, but also and, mainly, the adaptation of your bodies, morphology altered with inferior astral of the Planet Earth. The more subtle becomes your corporal morphology, larger are the risks of infection, once that, you still live at dense matter and many of your unfolded bodies wallow inside the ignominious mud seeking those sunk right over there.

The work this afternoon consisted of cleaning up of your aureate field, removing detritus and astral microorganisms. A specialized equipment have worked full time removing of your fields, larvas and other potential microorganisms. However, there are types of bacteria at astral plan, which energy evaluated by the same equipment and identified as potentially beneficial in its nature, they were potentiated and are present in your energetic field, they´ll carry out a similar service like that done by your Guardians, avoiding that microscopic negatives beings maculate the atmosphere cleaned up by Higher Spirituality. Its vital activity drive them in the sense of involving until the extermination, all and any negative form of penetrating your energetic field.

Keep on, through the mental strength, fraternal attitudes in Christ´s Wheat field, the vibratory tonus that will feed on forces the little creatures, like us, even though at stage still primitive of development, but workers.

Now, aware about the complexity on the subject we bring you, we are at your disposal for explanations necessary and within our reach to answer them.

E: You have spoken about miasmas and microorganisms adhered to our astral body. I wonder, is it the reason for a such sensation, a lot of times, as micro animals were walking through our bodies, from head to feet?

Doctor Lucas: My daughter, this is what you can feel by sensibility, more than other people. It started from the work accomplished with equipment imported of other orbe, that made enough cleaning up and preparation of little beings for keeping the hygiene of your bodies and energetic fields.

M: And as to my head, my brother? What pulls it on both sides. Is it due that kind of helmet put on our head for the next fight?

Doctor Lucas - Not just this apparel, but mainly, the relation with other implants existent in your body. The whole group feels that.

MC: About one week, I felt a type of stiff neck on the right side. I know it isn´t that, but still aches, would it also be consequence of those apparels?

Doctor Lucas: The place where the apparels were settled down in your bodies, as you know, caused some reactions in the physical body. Don´t worry, because the reaction levels are much below the waited. We keep patterns of behavior and reaction quite acceptable, considering the innovation of the material employed. It´s safe to say that, the joining work of apparels to your mental fields was quite well done.

That´s the reason by which, we go ahead to stage of cleaning up of your energetic fields. Each stage linked with other, doesn´t have have chance of progress, while the previous one isn´t accomplished successfully.

Over the next week, the reactions in your bodies are monitored and the operation of agglutinative bacteria are observed and recorded for adjustments necessary. Later on, new stage comes and as always, you are going to be informed on everything done with you, because nothing we do that isn´t allowed us, by your free will.

S: We couldn´t sleep well. Is it part of the work or any other event?

Doctor Lucas: They aren´t just physical effects of joining of equipment received in your minds. But also psysical and even emotional. All operation of your organism is done in your mind, where we work and the apparel acts. Thence, the reactions originated by its implantation are of the most varied order, and even can affect, as relate our dreams, thoughts, feelings, visions and even the exercise of your mediumship. It´s just temporary this adjustment phase. Soon you are adapted, the symptoms disappear and you can feel different due the presence of the apparel, but again adjusted in the way that you act and think, without painful traces in your physical body.

Too little are the sacrifices before the magnificence of the work performed. Few, still can notice that. But someday you can notice the spiritual pictures of your work and understand them. Meanwhile, we hope that faith can be your guide and love to the neighbor, the pulse from your souls.

That Jesus in His Infinite Kindness and Mercy assist us always, guiding our steps, our hands and lighting our minds.

Doctor Lucas

GESH - 22/10/05 – psychophonic Message - Vigil ASJ - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil

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