Explanations useful to other Sewers of the Good


Save Jesus!

Sweet Rabi Nazareno that holds on our life, giving us opportunity of regeneration of souls deserters that we are before the Divine Laws.

We have been working with you in the deepest abysmal areas, places full of hate, where the unprepared human mind would go mad, when notice horrendous pictures shaped up over there in the minds quite dived in darkness.

You have your bodies unfolded and quite moved away of other ones, even though, kept as prisoners. Your high sensibility is increased and larger sensations are felt by your physical body. You were already informed on everything.

Your uncontrollable and disturbing sleep was somehow, calling of work. At moments of larger danger, when increase the threats of hostile atmosphere, seek internal strength for facing them. On those hours, under strong and eminent danger, the body unfolded pulls conscience beside it, as a survival reflex.

The Instructors allow and drive your Self to where you are in confrontation. Everything are complex and new for you. You´re under severe vigilance and attendance of Medical Team and skilled Instructors. Nothing can harm your physical-psychic integrity.

The task is sensitive and dangerous and, a lot of times, you can be unfolded at any time, for working in other plans, where will fight hardly in feverish activities.

Go ahead truthful. Jesus is with us.

Count Rochester

GESH-18/11/05 - Vitoria/ES- Brazil

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