Avoid Unbalanced Feelings Of Fear and Revolt


Brothers, Peace of God for you!

Join around Christ´s Love!

Practice His valuable loving lessons to the neighbor and pardon of offenses, thus you become invisible to Beasts that surround you.

Avoid unbalanced feelings of fear and revolt. Emanate only thoughts of supplication to the Father for unbalanced, turbulent, agitators and disturbing of collective peace.

You are reincarnated because still have serious debts with God´s Laws. Thus join with Christ´s Love, practice love to the neighbor and spend your day by day with resignation, in the crucible purifier of your existences.

God blesses you and Jesus help us, today and always.

Hercílio Maes

Q: Are you doing any special activity in this House?

Hercílio Maes: We are studying and working. It is higher learning with Brothers of Stars and intraterrestrials sharing with terrestrial ones, their higher knowhow.

The evolutionary dynamic demands of our spirits study and practice of higher lessons to the neighbor´s good.

Save Master Ramatis.

Save Jesus.

Hercílio Maes

GESJ - 16/05/06 - Public Meeting - Vitoria/ES- Brazil

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