Mary Brings Spiritual Comfort to the Mothers



Mary of Nazareth projects for us. She arrives very simple and and embraces lovingly all we.

I can hear the following words:


Dear daughters,

I greet you on behalf of Adored Jesus´son!

Daughters, you are travelling the narrow road of probations and overcoming all with a much trust, faith and work.

The mothers residents in the Earth, at this time, by the whole planet, they give testimony of love and faith, because too hard are the trials faced by all of the embodied mothers.

The unbalance increases and, mainly, the youths and children, fragile they are, in their physical and spiritual structure, carrying a past extremely guilty, they have been inflicting their poor mothers bitter sufferings.

Mothers of the whole world, join, hearts and minds in Christ´s Love that looks after all.

The probations are hard, arduous, but struggle against the disbelief and incredulity. Your spirits have strongth necessary for facing the fights, it is enough that you send a thought to the High, a prayer at least, therefore this is your cry of help, the way of getting energies to continue living.

Never don´t be disheartened, before sufferings imposed by your children. Remind of that the meat comes from the meat, but the spirit is individuality, set from God, Creative Father.

The sufferings that you live, if overcame with much faith and trust in Almighty, it becomes clean your tunic spotted of iniquities.

The Adored Son suffered without sins; your children, dear sisters and even you, suffer to remove your sins.

Jesus loves us, unconditionally, today and always.

Your sister in Christ


GESH - 13/05/06 - Festival of Wesak – Pedra Azul/ES - Brazil

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