Like anthill at work


Brothers, much Light for you!

Fearless you have faced the enemy territory by means of strategies used by spirits of elevated Hierarchy in the matter, in order to make progress, planting the seed of hope, courage and renewal in the minds and in sufferer hearts. That work has disturbed the enemies that don´t want the expansion of Light.

You always have protection and through the work blossoms the beneficent sparkle of life, redeeming the declined ones and upholding the Christ´s work. However, at wartime, need strategies different from those ones used at Peacetime, as you say: "keep one eye opened", while the enemies always want to destroy what consider insult to their performance. They do not admit that embodied beings get superior forces at astral plans and help the neighbor.

The success of your work has increased that area taken by enemy as target. Thus, the honest workers of this House have to pay urgent attention to strength their purposes and feelings, while the war increases on and on at invisible plans, as well as increase the troubles at physical plan too.

I wish that each one sought in Master Jesus´ Loving Presence, all strength necessary for facing the next hard days.

That Jesus in his infinite kindness blesses your work, renew your forces and feed on faith and courage all the workers, without exception.

Margarida: Do you mean that our spiritual s trips had spread seeds in those places visited?

Shama Hare: Yes. They have brought several benefits like, individual point of view, recovery of disembodied spirits redeemed by Forces of Good, and Groups that after have received comforting messages, they became servants of Jesus.

It has increased the work at spiritual plan and is just the meeting sharing larger forces have disturbed the "dark workers". But, it isn´t the main point, because the beneficent energies surrounding the prisons has increased by means of participation of listeners in the prison cells that, by its turn, with larger performance than the previous one, and unbalancing the invisible reality presented before the beginning of the works.

As you know, not even the Leaders of that work could reach the sublime plan of redemption and assist those souls. Nowadays, there are better results than expected and open new works at spiritual plan, increasing the Armies of Light.

New workers arrive at Spiritualistic Cologne Servants of Jesus like anthill at work. The wards bound for disembodied prisoners, full time, spread energies over the darkness throughout the Planet.

The Light eclipses and disturbs too much the Darkness.

We go ahead searching for new territories at spiritual and physical plan. Now it requires "strength of purposes and forces" in the advanced territories in order to hoist the Flag of Peace, Love and Fraternity over there.

Jesus blesses us so that we go on helping the neighbor.

Shama Hare, Margarida´spiritual Guide, GESH - 25/04/06 - Vitoria/ES-Brazil.

Note: That battle took place in April 22, 2006 and this message arrived in April 25. We go on cleaning the inferior astral and seeking new workers.

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