To serve means love silently


We work with you.

We love the simplicity of activities developed in this House.

While I had lived with terrestrial brothers of elevated spiritual graduation, I knew the essence of progress is humility.

If wasn´t enough that example, the lessons transmitted by messages of Christ translate the feeling that shall be practiced by all honest worker.

To serve is love silently.

To help is to assist lovingly.

To study is expose him as illiterate.

To work is act faithfully toward the progress.

In that sad moment, when fear, anguish and pain invade your heart, practice fraternal and collective work in favor of those faithless people that still dream and gradually become nightmares.

Wherever the works call us, we´ll be over there, while many people discuss if our messages state or not our presence.

If you want make progress, don´t waste your time discussing uselessly. Open your arms and follow us.

The signs that we transmit you, by means of words of our intermediaries, spiritualistic mediums; they are just a little portion of work to be executed. If you waste the time in that short stage, could you imagine in the other ones?

Think deeply and change.

Peace in your hearts!

Chico, GESJ - 23/05/06 - Public Meeting - Vitoria/ES- Brazil

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