the attacks against the House of worship


Clairvoyance 1: I have seen a strange scene in the National Congress, where major of the people were escaping by corridors, like crazy ones, looking for friends and, at that moment, I did not understand the reason of too much despair and tumult.

Note: This clairvoyance happened before landless people had invaded the Congress.

Clairvoyance 2: We were attending an Evangelical Cult, where the Pastor preached for his audience that, the spiritualists were "antichrist" destroying families, putting brother against brother, children against parents and so on. Maybe, he referred to some event described by his followers.

He also said that the spiritualists spread terror and panic, in order to draw a larger public to his den. He referred to a spiritualistic House that we knew it well, placed closer the evangelical church. In addition, he continued his deliriums:

"Don´t be surprised if one of your children disappears due the demon´s power. The blood of innocent children may confirm my words."

The Spiritualistic House mentioned, such as the major of Spiritualistic Groups teach the Evangel for children and adolescents inhabiting the neighborhood.

At that meantime, at astral plan, six or seven accomplices of that Pastor laughed outright. One of them, maybe the boss said:

"Even that we own have to defeat one of them!" and burst out laughing.

Soon after I saw a black cloud over that Spiritualistic House described.

Note: The progress of that House disturbed the Pastor and his followers.

By chance or not, a friend of mine gave me the book: "It has happened in the Spiritualistic House" and great was my surprise while I was reading it.

GESH - 06/05/06 - Vigil ASJ - Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

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