There aren´t diseases, but sick person


That Light of Christ involves them!

It increases daily the diseases and patients too.

The diseases only reach those susceptible organisms; thence says that are not diseases, but sick persons.

Due the dense load of black fluids over the terrestrial surface, the pathologies increase more and more with characteristics unknown surprising even the Medicine.

The microorganisms find favorable conditions for self-reproduction and proliferation, hindering the clinical diagnosis.

The sores and unhealthy fluids materialized reach the weakest organs of each embodied person spreading diseases classified by medical science.

More than ever is true that: healthy mind; healthy body.

As far as we know, many brothers already live in this situation, believing that good thoughts feeding charitable minds, which objective is only to do one´s good. Who has already gave up the envy, bitterness, revenge, pride and enjoy; are healthy people with their chakras balanced, calm minds and cheerful heart, even facing troubles daily.

Lately, so much is spoken about viral illnesses that multiply and produce new species. Otherwise, Science takes even the littlest trouble as virus illnesses that are unbalanced human psyche, while reduces the immunization and allows that tiny agents invade harmfully the matter.

Except the karmic diseases planned by sidereal medicine have to be need be drained, the other diseases come from unbalanced human psyche and emotions.

The children usually act as filter of relatives, due the high fluidic sensitivity that absorb such vibrations and let them sick.

We hope that you have good thoughts and feelings. Bear in mind that Happiness is good medicine for liver.

I leave you with Jesus.

Dr Lucas, GESJ - 08/08/06 - Public Meeting - Vitoria/ES- Brazil

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