Meeting of Spiritual Family


Fraternal greetings for you!

Fraternal hands share with you the divine grace of work. Our dear Master is happy with the works performed for this terrestrial people in name of Jesus Christ. He also offers us a blessed and fraternal meeting we had not while embodied in the Earth.

M: Who speaks?

H: The one who had the honor and happiness for serving Master Ramatis in the Earth, materializing his thoughts and ideas by means of wonderful works.

M: Are you Hercilio Maes?

H: Yes. I couldn´t meet you or Chico, as happened with our dear sister America Paoliello Marques. Now is our turn.

Welcome dear friend in our house and hearts. All GESJ´s team worship you, thanks your effort, courage and love when wrote: Life in Planet Mars and the Flying saucers, and many others ones so beautiful. You are always welcome here.

H: Even unknown physically, we became good friends such is the similarity of our ideals that impel our work and supply our spirits. Our objective is only one: Love among the men, redemption of creatures kept under ignorance and mistake since millennia. Awoke, we can see that only deep and sincere work make us rightists of Christ, who too much offers us and too little we contribute for construction of God´s Home in the Earth.

M: We always say that we receive more than we deserve. However, the little we offer him faithfully.

H: Master Ramatis send us happy vibrations while we are treading the road of Light, without diverting the steps a millimeter of blessed itinerary drawn by the highest sphere, despite of all difficulties of life daily.

It is much happiness, groups of spiritualistic friends safe and sound following the planning, facing the adversities, mainly the transition full of turbulences like windstorms sweeping the terrestrial surface, unbalancing and diverting the faithless ones.

Each one disciple of Master Ramatis is renewed by energies and can support everything, since he renews inwardly every minute his love and devotion for fraternal work. We are many workers on behalf of Christ and driven by Master Ramatis.

M: He answers our question as regard our work-companion:

H: That upset sister has allowed the approach of negative brothers in this Spiritualistic House, somehow pledged with this House and workers here. They arrived here, not due negligence of "apparatus of protection", but as resource educational of progress on behalf of Providence that always allows to conclude an episode with progress of evolved spirits or fall of unprepared ones. The lessons are bound for preparation of disciples and the trial always comes.

The more advanced are the lessons arrived, harder are the probations too; closer are of fire and more prepared to face them. The spiritual life is pure dynamism; teachings and light represent progress that eventually shall be proved. To go ahead, the walker shall make his choice and avoid negative forces in his mind.

The troubles spreads quickly and silently disturbing the minds with several questions like an oral test bound for up growth of souls that, by its turn, need be aware of knowledge received for his moral renewal and definitive healthy performance.

No knowledge is useless, neither by chance or for simple appreciation of few ones; but for real progress of all humanity. Depends on each one creature receiving the information and lessons, transforming them by actions, preparing the old man for new trainee with good thoughts, words and attitudes, and renewed in his spiritual, mental and emotional feelings.

To recognize such change is hard task for beginners in progressive road, while the oldest brothers should review the lessons learned and point out the road to whom come behind, sharing the learning, preparing and alerting the infantile minds to get along well with divine Laws.

Everything is dynamic and has a purpose in the Universe, while stagnation represents delay along the walk. Nature and people are expression of only one Creator.

Life presses for progress toward the Light, where we going happy gathered by Master Ramatis´s love. However, is about the hour for each one enlarge the "meeting of this spiritual family", inviting other brothers and friends for awakening, guiding and touching their hearts and minds. How to do that?

Divulging the works and messages received which can touch the human spirit, increase the vibrations for fraternal love, awake our brothers, disciples of Master for meeting of "spiritual family" and we own will be instruments for that work too. We shall welcome who arrives, it doesn´t matter who and when, and point them out the road, respecting each one to be with us or not.

We wish that Universal Forces involve us, impelling the work in favor this humanity, and the "Works" received touch the creatures´ hearts indeed and thence help the neighbor.

Thus, God wishes and so it is. Viva Force of Love.

M: Thank you brother for these beautiful explanations.

H: It is much happiness to meet terrestrial and brave spirits executing the Divine Laws, on the contrary of those ones that lived with us and little understood the blessed lessons. Moreover, larger happiness would be, if they go on working, because we left more work not divulged in the Earth.

By other hand, we cannot judge them, just much happiness to meet you working in this Spiritual Group.

We wish God in his Infinite Kindness and Mercy always supplied us his Light of understanding, courage for working and progress.

Viva Force of Love.

Hercílio Maes, GESH - 30/06/06 – Physichophony - Vitoria, ES/Brazil.

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