Since long time, we should have pass along the information to web readers, regarding our work-team as has been asked us. Here they are:

On December 23, 1970 was born GESJ = Spiritualistic Group Servants of Jesus having two main objectives:

First: Study and make public the main and beautiful doctrine codified by Allan Kardec. Since earlier, I got in touch with such knowledge.

Second: Research and work on exorcism of spirits.

Eleven years elapsed then.

In the first semester of 1981, great was the surprise happened our first telepathic dialogue with an Extraterrestrial being during the mediumistic development held in our Spiritualistic House. Thence, we decided to settle in GESJ a small team that sooner composed GER - Group of Studies Ramatis. By request of Master Ramatis, there was a separation between the wheat from the tares and was born GESH (Group of studies Shama Hare).

Since the settlement of GESJ, the objectives are the same as follows.

To acquire knowledge and pass along the subjects of Prophecies, Times Arrived, Final Judgment Day and other little news concerning that subject.

To strength faith and trust based on Divine Designs.

To strength the inner equilibrium.

Interchange with Extraterrestrials = Extra Planetary Beings= Brothers from Stars = Cosmic brothers and other designations, at physical or astral plan.

To learn and practice how help the other people.

To study and research about the Underground Worlds and telepathic contact with Intraterrestrials = evolved Intraterrestrials, inhabitants of Underground and Underwater Worlds.

Since 1949, I have been researching and reading everything found about the Extraterrestrials, Underground Worlds, including the book "Hollow Land" in the sixties.

Gradually, the revelations went arriving and we published our first book: Intraterrestrials of Stelta - Underwater Mission Extraterrestrial, and later on, Petals of Light. The both booklets divulged the messages received from those wise brothers, good at Science, Technology and Love. In 1995, we published the work. The Extraterrestrials and Us - Vol. I, and Vol. II in 1996.

On August 28, 1996, we received the both messages below, which touched me deeply, when Commander Ashtar Sheram offered us a very important task.



Dear brothers!

It is about the hour to prepare this people about the "Extraterrestrials" at work in this Planet Earth.

Lately, major of discussion about that subject only has eclipsed the Extraterrestrial´s image.

This collectivity nearly die when at leas think to see us.

Please pass along at most of ours work and "Mission" in the Planet Earth.

We need receptive minds in the whole society so that all of them receive and know our messages.

The Great Hour comes and, the fright and panic are the largest enemies against our work.

Divulge at most the works of Great Universal White Fraternity (GFBU) through small pamphlets.

Firstly, our suggestion is an approach on transition planetary within the evolutive scale, sooner brief words about the work of GFBU in this passage and, at last some words regarding work and objectives of Extraterrestrials in the Planet Earth.

You think about possibility of preparing a book composed of short chapters, by chronological sequence of subjects describing what the readers must know regarding us.

That is urgent. Do not forget the works you have done, for instance, the cleaning over Salvador´s astral and the works of health assistance.

The population must see us as friends, not enemies, as major of them suppose we are.

Thank you.

We hope God blesses our works, on behalf of Jesus.

Ashtar Sheram

Physichography, in 26/08/96, GESJ - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.



Dear brothers,

When you invite the "Stellar Troops" for redeeming work, are ready for action and connected with great Mother Ship, from where come all of the orders and energy necessary for yours tasks.

For several nights, we have trained you for action. Despite of forgetting it, when wake up, no problem, your mind keep well the daily instructions which will revealed at proper time.

Trust is the only mental attitude we ask you so that the messages arrive in safety.

Endeavor at most for performance and materialization of Project Earth, the Great Hour approaches.

A powerful light join us.

The Great Sunlight will present itself to shadows hidden throughout the Earth and burn the nodules of suffering, pain and others.

When that happens, surely we will be there defeating the Darkness too.

Work more and more, passing along our words, because this is the purpose.

Go steady!

Overcome the obstacles raised hereafter. From here, we can´t stop so much negative energies spread over you, however, little drops may reach you slowly then.

Go ahead Warriors of the Light!

The great hour approaches and the success of that task only depend on us.

On behalf of Jesus, we compose only one sparkle lightening up the road of latecomers.

Join us who looks for Peace and bring it inwardly.

Here is your Commander who shouts for you.

Ashtar Sheram

Telepathic message - GER - 13/09/96 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.



For all of the reasons mentioned above, in 1996, we make public the Divulgation nr.1, the last one is nr 42. Firstly, had around 120 to 150 readers. That number increased to around 500 to 600 readers that could read our messaged translated to Esperanto, besides of other languages, until nr. 24. Thenceforth we became deficient in translator.


Years later, we adhered to network, every Monday, divulging non-published messages, our books translated to English, Spanish, besides of Portuguese and Divulgation that depends on spare- time, that means continuously.

The purposes of our work-team not at all solve conflicts and controversial doubts acquired from other sources of information; nor publish themes from other Nuclei. It doesn´t emit opinions nor discusses on anything, although, usually has been provoked hardly by narrow minds.

"The best answer is that not mentioned" and we go ahead.

Moreover, never we ask or impose nobody believe on our work and revelations. We were required to divulge the revelations from wise brothers to terrestrial humanity.

Believe or not, thus it happens.

One more point must be legible to the readers. Major of the people ask us to make useless questions to Masters, Extras and Intraterrestrial brothers. Often the divulgations, by themselves have the answers.

We are disciples, students, neophytes, trainees; they are the Masters. One proverb says, "Don´t put the cart before the oxen". The disciples must hear well the Masters, for increment of Divine Mercy concerning the moments and facts taking place in the present for Mother Earth and her children.

The Masters do not make public Revelations harder than the people can assimilate them.

"A word to the wise is sufficient"

At last, let me say that God asked to all of the embodied in that time to execute the tasks, which had let the opportunity slip. Few accepted it; others accepted and soon gave them up. There is no privilege or divine injustice within the Father´s Work; the faults come from own human being.


Margarida, manageress of GESJ, GESH and ASJ.

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