The Three Revelations


Dear walkers, Christ calls you!

When Moises have been here, he left his teachings, unpracticed yet. That was the First Revelation.

Christ through bright Jesus sowed the good, spread seeds of light and love where he passed by: That was the Second Revelation.

Now we have the Spiritualistic Doctrine, as Master Jesus, Consoler, promised it.

It is within your reach, just depending on moral courage, faith and unconditional love so that you practice and have it as Guide of Light: It was the Third Revelation.

From astral plan, we can see many brothers who discovered and tried to practice it. Many others ignore it and the most of them still reject it and dare destroying it.

Poor fellows! They baldy they know that coupled to their spiritual bodies are big reptilians; ex-humans deformed flooding their bodies with dark, harmful and awful fluids.

Brothers, do not wait until the pain reach you to wake up.

Wake up! The mediumship means responsibility pledged before your birth that no more wait. The fraternal work since long time demand practice, no matter whom, where or how to do it.

The human being through the brainwork and technology, he moves fast within the evolutionary scale, leaving astonished the scientists. By other hand, morally, he disappoints, bore and contradicts any Messenger of the Light, who much depends on embodied ones as vehicle of divulging the Good New and Christian teachings, so necessary to cultivate feelings of love and peace, reduced more and more on the terrestrial plan.

Diseases, violence, storms, gales, earthquakes, catastrophes of every luck reach you and may increase hereafter like ingredients necessary for life.

The troubles reach not only the neighbors. Nobody knows well his own faults and atrocities of the previous existences. Every day, endeavor for self-renewal. Have good feelings; stop the hate, revenge, envy and greed so that you grow up as human beings, actually. Practice pardon, trust and believe in this revelation: The Spiritualistic Doctrine. Blessed who enjoy it.

We wish Master Jesus´ light feed your hearts with charity and faith.

Yours old friend

Chico, GESJ - 02/01/07 - Public Meeting - Vitoria, ES - Brazil

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