"An embodied Black Magician"


Clairvoyance: I saw again the "negative portal" in front of our Spiritualistic House.


The events happen in the astral according with possibilities found while helping the people at issue.

The perverse mind attempts revenge and renews continually the attacks to this angry Group for loss of virgin that would be sacrificed in favor of alliance with Beast.

Keep on faith and vigilance, because negative waves walk at high-speed in your direction.

While the established among the workers of Darkness still stay some time, you all pray and watch so that the waves of the violence do not interact with your imperfections, submitting you to the stupid and unhappy fall.

Endeavor a little more. Sooner, the harmful load will extinguish the force and we must invert the polarities unblocking the access channels and disabling the inferior portal.

Keep on Peace and Love

Devote to the Christ’s work.

Shama Hare, GESJ – 01/30/07 - Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

Note: The proverb: "go for wool and return shorn" applies to whom wants their problems solved at once. When they do not solve them at churches or Spiritualistic Houses, they seek any "wonder-worker" and even dark forces commanded by Beast called by popular language as Devil, Demon, and Satan. This is one example among many others on (pact done with "Black Magician") assisted in our GESJ that receives and assists insane embodied and disembodied spirits.

We cannot give further details, not for fear of Magician, but obeying the Law: Act as you would like the other one did for you.

Due to the protection offered to that person and his relatives, we were harmed by fury, hate and revenge of a powerful embodied wizard.

Probably, the message is a little legible so that you understand it.

We do not fear the Darkness, because we are always involved by Light on behalf of Jesus. If it were different, GESJ would not be celebrating its 36 years old now. By he other hand, we do not despise the powerful, cold, cruel enemy; however, during the fights between the Good and the Evil, Light and Darkness, the Light always wins.

I finish this meeting with another proverb: "Where has larger force, it stops the smallest one."

The larger force comes from God and dear Master Jesus driving us.

Margarida, Vitoria, February of 2007

Note: Today, March 12, 2007, the portal was already disabled and the Black Magician is defeated.

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