Divulgation 62



Our best wishes of health, joy, love and peace for our dear readers.

For many years, we celebrated the Festival of Wesak in a full moon of May on our beautiful beaches. Lately, no more we dare do it, since the assaults on the beaches happen even at daylight. We already had a bad experience on a beach full of sunbathers in the morning.

During this vigil, we received excellent messages of Renowned Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity, including dear Mentor Ramatis (i.e. Master Kuthumi).

For you, we send the fruit of our vigil overnight.

May God bless you!



1. He, who has eyes, let him see

From the North comes the first signs indicating the end approaching.

We can see the destroyed bodies in a putrid and fetid stream of mud slipping from the highest peaks to flood the soil turning it unproductive.

The sky will be full of lethal fires and people perish by the war.

Nations once again will finally struggle for power and domain.

The coveted "black gold" (i.e. crude oil) will provoke large environmental unbalances, as well, fauna and flora may disappear.

Oceans will become red.

The Beast of the hunger, thirst and desolation will reach lot of people.

Other people emigrate for the South, where the soil, forests and rivers will survive.

A "ferruginous cloud" will hide the Earth and the powerful Nations will see their people impoverished and madness.

When they left no stone standing, the light of our spaceships appears to rescue those who accept our help, before the final destruction.

There will be light in interior of the earth, and on its surface, only darkness.

The Planet Earth will drag crowds to its core and then come true the prophecies.

Not all can hear, understand and believe. He, who has eyes, let him see

Nostradamus, 05/17/11

02. He, who has eyes, let him see

Beloved daughters, a strong load of energy sent toward this Group also reached the whole Orb.

Those Groups connected with the High, through the Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity also listened to them. However, few ones stupefied with the energy potential, they understood clearly the teachings and objective of the messages.

The "Planetary Christ" only could manifest to His pupils, after the Light sent to Earth by the Masters.

The spring of Light sent to the Planet has supplied the intraterrestrial cities, which capture and store the vital energy for brothers on the surface and the entire Orb.

He, who has eyes, let him see.

May the Planetary Christ bless you!

Yours faithfully,

Master Shama Hare, 05/17/11

03. A Master is not a being apart of Divine Creation

The Cosmic Rays we represent, they include our disciples, and each one recognizes his Master’s color and answers to his call, within his initiation and understanding level.

However, some disciples on Earth no more need colors to identify the Masters, since they recognize everyone as Evolved Brothers, respecting and accepting each one as representative of God in communion with superior and inferior worlds.

Now, the small Planet Earth is involved with the colored mantle of Masters that we are indeed. Those who understand us, they know, we are accessible to anyone looking for spiritual ascension. Become a Master, it is enough the creature turn the pride, prepotency, bitterness into humility, benevolence and love as every form of expression providing light to the soul.

A Master is not a Being apart of the Divine Creation. He is a spark that after having traveled the path of natural evolution, he is determined to progress, and the more awakened his conscience is, more detached from the material world he is, and, more he wishes serve the Creator Father helping His still poor children.

Master Saint Germaine is sending you, peace and love.

The manifestation of Light increases on Earth, as well the Power of Evil upon humanity.

We answer for guiding you through the planetary evolution. We must remain as guardians spreading strength, light and love so that those who already renewed may evolve within the evolutionary scale, which elevates the soul to better landings.

May the Planetary protect all you!

We greet you in name of the Light!

Master Saint Germaine, 05/17/11


04. Time has come for transformation

I was born rich, but I only found God amidst the poverty.

I did not create a religion, but finding the Truth, men deprived of love followed me.

Each creature creates its own path, brick by brick, representing each existence.

Humans did not learn yet how build their own road, and then, throw stones at random, without polishing them, which hurt their feet. They remain nude, barefoot and lost, because have the teachings of the Planetary School.

The liberation of the soul happens, when people think more on the neighbor than on themselves.

The Divine Planning foresees planetary changes and selection for the humanity that not believing in prophecies already widely divulged, they remained on a nude soil.

Brothers, each of you answers for own progress. Go ahead using the free will in own benefit. Spread love, fraternity and faith over the darkness.

We greet you in name of the Planetary Christ that governs this Solar System.

Wake up careless creatures! Time for transformation has come.

The more increase the difficulties before your frightened eyes; more restore the faith, because the "trumpets of the Apocalypse" have sounded.

You ought to kneel down, begging to the Beloved Father’s Mercy and strength.

Buddha, 05/17/11.

05. We follow up the planetary changes

Clairvoyance: I can Mrs. Margarida on the top of the Holy Mountain. It projects a strong energy as if it were a thirteen years old child of docile and charming smile.

The figure is not legible, but its outline can identify her innocent smile. Mrs. Margarida very happy recognize her as Commander Yuri. Since, she could not hug him, even so, she smiles.

Dear sisters, we projected our thought to you, once we cannot manifest ourselves physically.

We are just spark created as simple and ignorant spirits amidst the worlds to follow the Dynamic Laws of Evolution.

Today we can reach the immaterial planes, because we already traveled the stages that you face now, therefore, in the evolutionary scale, everybody created ignorant can travel through all Kingdoms, no matter where inhabits.

After created a living spark, it sleeps in the mineral Kingdom and wakes up sleepwalker in vegetable Kingdom, more conscious in the animal kingdom. After awakened the conscience, becomes Elemental until than, with dynamic forces reaches the human shape.

Dear sisters, in the whole Universe, the spark travels trough the same paths, even if the physical manifestations are of different types and colors, therefore, in the "Kingdom of God" contains forms unimaginable for you that are" travelers of third dimension." Nevertheless, we are ahead and cannot forget our brothers left behind, parked or not, we must impel them to the progress.

From the Planet Patrol, we visit other Planets. In each one, we meet different people, including you, touching deeply our hearts and, at the first contact, make us return to the stage traveled formerly.

Everything that happens on Earth at this dimension reverberates into space and strongly reaches other planets.

An evolved planet frees itself from inferior vibration; a planet less evolved than Planet Earth suffers its influence from people deprived of good emanations, which instinct still reigns in their souls; even afflicted supporting the pain and chaos, they do not get to reach the sublime vibrations of Divine Jesus.

It is huge the transformation collectively. The own planetary "geography is under deep renewal and nothing can impede the Planet change from a dimension of suffering to a world of regeneration.

From the Planet Patrol, we follow up the planetary transformation. We try to help everyone begging for help. He, who sincerely looks for own renewal, he surpasses the chaos.

Unhappily, humans understand the salvation just in the matter; not understand the death of the physical body also represents salvation.

This holy place allows our manifestation closer to you, because the dimensional Portal shines intensely.

Margarida: We make vigil here, where the strength and energy of the Portal provides more comfort for our physical bodies.

Yuri: May the Lord of the worlds bless you and Planetary Christ guides your souls toward the Portal of Regeneration.

Commander Yuri, 05/17/11

06. The core of the Holy Mountain

Clairvoyance: even before Master Ramatis´message, I have seen our Group on the Holy Mountain.

At this time, Mrs. Margarida was not with us. She was with the Masters Ramatis, Shama Hare and Ramp, our spiritual Instructor.

The Masters project their strong energy in the place and the Mountain is lit up.

In the core of the Mountain, I do no know how to explain; a glade appears opening a huge rift going reaching the Abyss. Masters Shama Hare and Ramatis follow Mrs. Margarida to see the Beast.

Margarida courageously goes downwards to see the terrible creature as just a huge shapeless mass. It took different shapes of "dragon" with various heads and tentacles daring to reach the Group that watched it.

The Masters told Margarida the Beat could not see nor feel them, and she replied that was not afraid to meet the Beast.

- Margarida, the Beast is coming, said one of the Masters. Margarida speechless simply looked at the Abyss.

GESH, 05/17/11

07. Love shows itself on Earth

Medium: We were meditating, when various Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity greeted our little Group, and then, the "energy" was so dense that made my spirit swelled and lit up. It seemed a balloon tied by a thin thread about to explode with much light. It was difficult to keep it in the physical body.

Then, I received the following message:

We are nothing without Him who created us and whom we reverence and offer ourselves.

Unconditionally, we serve Him, once we are nothing.

He created us, and now, He sends us here to strengthen you and everyone on Earth, so that, feeling our Love that represents God’s Love for His children, you continue facing the hard trials always followed by the Light of the Divine Master who had been on Earth to save us.

Love shows itself on Earth to touch everyone with the Creator Father’s Light.

Planetary Christ, 05/17/11


08. Let us unite our strength

Children of Earth, we address peace and love to soften your suffering at this end of cycle.

We hope you clean up inferior feelings not in accordance with Divine Laws.

Try more and more project your soul to Higher Planes, because around the invisible plane, where you are immersed, there is a dense cloud resulted from your actions deprived of love and fraternity and pardon of offenses.

You thought would inhabit this beautiful planet forever. You were wrong in thinking and acting. Bothers, you will awaken in other Orb that even imagine exist, therefore your limited minds refuse life in other worlds, besides the tiny Planet you inhabit.

We are lot of evolved beings encouraging you loving, peace and fraternity.

Wake up, brothers! Jesus shouts for you follow His example and put into practice His Teachings.

Yours faithfully brother,

Seraphis Bey.

We are together sending a larger quota of vital energy to the humanity that we love, but we will not abandon the Planet Earth as cradle of lot of souls connected to us.

Lot of people, as trainees, they travel through the planetary cycles. They are our dear pupils whom we send light in the Abysses or wherever they are, in order to evolve.

We are here accomplishing the Fathers Will, because we love the Planet and humanity.

May the Lord of the Universe bless you!

Serapis Bey, 05/17/11

09. After a storm comes the calm

Here I am to tell you the Beast is coming.

You hear its roars expressing excessive violence and cruelty. Each vile gesture reflects coldness, despair, pain and bloodshed.

The Beast ignores its end, because judges itself rooted in the whole planet. The more the humanity answers her disastrous appeals, more victorious and stronger she feels to seduce and subdue the frightened children of the Lamb.

As she comes from abysmal regions impelled by the Law of Progress that unchained the sanitation process on Earth, the Beast has reduced her strength reduced for not finding in the dimension above that she has been living for thousands of years, the support to keep their domain. She cannot see yet the phenomenon reducing its vibrational power.

She comes slowly, because Hercolubus already influences intensely the planet and humans increasingly distant from Divine Laws and then remain in abysmal regions allowing the Beast to dominate them. Everyone has a new planned habitat, and each one, according to his merit will take other thousands of years until sincerely accept the Creators Power.

The energy of Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity converged for the Earth supply the Nuclei of Light, strengthening each Servant of Jesus with vital energy. If today you face daily afflictions, these may increase more and more, therefore groups of bandits of the invisible plane will invade all human collectivities triggering the worst afflictions and pain for those of different vibrational levels.

You will still face lot of troubles, even before the end of the Planetary Transition; as well, countless natural catastrophes may reach human collectivities providing so much suffering, because the Law of Destruction shows itself seeking true Evolution.


GESH is a faithful work group strengthened on faith and trust in Divine Purposes. Each one instituting the initiatory discipline in thinking, feeling and acting will know how to supplant the own individual chaos, since the crescent suffering will not find borders nor distinguish wheat from tares. Everyone will be dragged by the destructive gale and only the ones with larger quota of faith may survive, without blaspheme or rebellion.

The Magnanimous Father sends His Emissaries, extraterrestrial, intraterrestrial beings and Masters responsible for the destination of the Planet Earth. All their energies converge to help the Planet and humanity along the Planetary Transition.

Publish! Publish! Publish!

May our words echo all over world so that people can hear and wake up!

I am Master Ramatis showing myself so that, each of you, loved disciples recognize my presence and feel my Love guiding you.

- Since times ago, we already could notice the events occurring faster all over the world. I myself often have much contact with people of Brazil and other countries, via internet. Then, I thought through this tool to invite other people to know our site about the Spiritist Doctrine. Nevertheless, in view of various global events, then I wonder if it would be positive or not, because the person will only visit the site if wants, but anyway, more people would know of our messages.

Master Ramatis: Surely, it would allow other people of divulging the messages; however, you would better make larger efforts to answer our call. You know well the history of the Group you take part; as well of the mediumistic development, of the hard trials faced courageously, then, why at this time, when the trumpets announce the last hour of the Planet Earth, do you stand back interrupting the flow of messages destined for your brothers?

Why do you refuse spiritual responsibilities?

The transitory matter is vehicle of transformation of the soul. Why do you believe more in the matter and refuse the task able to free your eternal soul?

It is that the largest contribution you can offer to your brother: donation and work mean the best contribution from you to other people.

Margarida: Brother, I wonder if the Intruding Planet with its quite primitive vibrations is also favoring the Beast emerge on the surface.

Ramatis: Only the presence of Hercolubus would force the Beast rising from the abysmal regions. Without Hercolubus, the Beast would take one more "planetary cycle" to reach the surface, until the Divine Plans had cleaning up the Planet Earth.

Margarida: Surely, "after a storm comes the calm."

Ramatis: The work of God is perfect and His link the events, in order to always provide evolution for all His creation.

- Master, I often put myself in place of other people feeling too small and making nothing to contribute more, however you have already answered it to my companion.

Ramatis: It is only depends on you renew and balance yourself every day, under the Divine Masters Jesus aegis, answering the appeal of your Guides, Guardian and Instructors. When you readjust the soul with the Laws of Balance, you contribute indeed to the construction of Kingdom of God on Earth.

Beloved disciple, the Group of Jacaraipe, of which you take part, it has been assisting lot of poor ones distributing anonymously the bread of charity and strengthening in faith their fragile hearts full of doubts.

Go ahead accomplishing every day, the programmed mediumistic activities and assisting the suffering ones.

We have been following you, even before your incarnation on earth, once the Universal Love gathers all beings as only one family, children of God, our Creator.

I say good-bye, but "my presence" remains with you.

Margarida: Brother, these were the most beautiful words we have ever heard up to now. Take part of this universal family makes us very happy, and sooner we will meet again.

Thank you very much!

Master Ramatis, 05/17/11.

10. You are too childish

Love is universal language that unites all creatures of the Creator.

Love is the purest vibration, which provides the soul escape from regions of inferior vibration and from the Planets of Atonement and Trials.

Our words reverberate all over the world; however, few ones hear us and retransmit our words; yet a smaller number understand and accept us, indeed.

Humanity, wake up!

Your little scientific knowledge will not stop the furious Nature.

Your obsolete Science will not avoid the contamination of seas, air and land by the chain reaction of the unfolded atom.

You pretend to understand what your minds do not understand on Universal Laws providing life everywhere.

You are too childish in judge yourselves able to create life.

You are travelers of backward evolution, and if you want expand the vision and knowledge about life, you must love, forgive and renew yourselves.

Jesus is Love and Life.

He is the Way, Truth and Life to save you.

Mister Nada greets you.

Mister Nada, 05/17/11.

11. It is necessary to destroy in order to evolve

Greetings of the Light!

Larger suffering waits you, human beings.

Men with insane greed and ambition walk against their spiritual evolution, which will lead them to exile.

They have forgotten us as their guardians who provide them new opportunities of spiritual progress.

Wherever good spirits work, there we are, therefore thanks to your effort and faith; we spread light over the dark nuclei that only want disarray and chaos.

Humans, we warn you, the extra time granted by the Father has finished, so that you could give up the illusory, transitory material world.

We tell you it to strengthen your faith necessary to face the hard trials able to trigger doubts and fear.

The "Project Earth" foresaw one more stage necessary to destroy in order to evolve. Renewal depends on transmutation.

Be sure, we will be together in a great joy, faith, strength, love and work, soon after accomplished satisfactorily the task.

Brothers, you should spend the short time you still have in the matter to improve your immortal spirit.

We do not ask you for not living in the matter, once, you are still immersed in the dense your and emotional bodies; but on those painful moments, think on us protecting and preparing you to bravely carry out the important task of "end of times."

We love you and we hope meet you again in a renewed world full of peace, fraternity, but, above all, Christs Love join us in a great universal family.

From the High, we spread the purest Light and Love over all of you.

May the blessings of the Masters be with you!

Be in Peace with Master Jesus Sananda.

Master El Morya, 05/17/11.

12. Do not refuse serve on that hour

Beloved disciples, listen to the prophecies!

The Earth leaves behind its dimension of atonements and trials.

The time granted as increment of Mercy by Master Sananda has finished.

Bad moments await this humanity.

Collective deaths will happen, simultaneously, in several parts on Earth, besides the persistent hunger, pain and violence, natural cataclysms, cries, despair and chaos.

Do not refuse serve on this hour, even if you have little to offer. Lot of creatures will need of your help.

Act as humble servants of light in the rough old land due to excessive suffering. When you see too much destruction, desolation and madness, stay believing in our Father.

Abandon the vile material goods and offer yourselves to help your neighbor to keep balanced and clear you mind before the desolation everywhere.

Help your neighbor if recognizing him as adversary of the Divine Laws.

Help the neighbor lovingly, as were you. At the end of the hard work, thank the Beloved Father for granting you the redeeming service able to quit the debts to Divine Laws.

Strengthen you with knowledge coming more and more. Keep the conscience free and able to access the Light at the end of the Planetary Transition.

Many people loose such opportunity, when keep feelings of low vibration such as fear, panic and revolt.

Keep your hands serving and open hearts for reconstruction of the Planet Earth.

Forward! Work, love and forgive.

May God guide you toward the path regeneration!

Be in Peace and Light!

Master Rowena, 05/17/11.

13. Stay confident in the Masters´ Love

Brothers, we can hear your prayers echoed in space. We offer constantly our hands, but your souls must believe in Divine Providence that everything can see.

They look for us, but cannot feel us, for having forgotten the commitment assumed for renewal through the Sublime Lessons and ascension to the kingdom of peace, joy and love.

When they look for us through "rational faith", they see us better, thankful to God for offering them the opportunity to redeem the evil committed formerly.

Courage, trust and unity of purposes are indispensable for victory. Do not worry about the committed mistakes, which cannot break the work with Christ Jesus.

As workers of Light for the Mission on Earth, in this incarnation key, you accepted the task, which you must fulfill with responsibility. In a word, fulfill the task that depends on you during the Planetary Transition. Evolved Beings have prepared and blessed you for the battle.

Stay confident in the Beloved Masters always guiding you. We share fraternity with Hosts of Light always trusting in our Fathers purposes.

Dear brothers, sooner, everyone, without distinction will face hard trials. For some of you, those trials will bring them feelings of indignation and revolt, uselessly, against themselves.

Believe in God who loves all of you. Follow Him until be free and renewed to compose a universal family in a future not so far.

We hope share happy moments like these ones, so that your eyes keep the wonderful pictures of the "Festival of Wesak" and your hearts register the whole Love of the Planetary Christ vibrating in the entire Universe.

We leave the Peace of the Masters for you.

I greet you in name of the Light.

Mister Maytrea, 05/17/11.

14. May the Fire of Christian Love warm your hearts!

Beloved brothers, we greet you, in name of the Light.

It is a great joy share this sublime moment with you. We are thankful to our Father who granted us a blessed opportunity of progress.

I am here to share forces with other Masters of the Great Universal white Fraternity, so that the fire of Christian Love may warm your hearts and free your minds.

Our beloved Father who can see everything, He allowed the appropriate help to the terrestrial humanity. Thus, our evolved Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity under the Planetary Christ’s aegis lovingly welcomed and impelled your redeeming journey.

Brothers, let the light awaken your mind always trusting in the Divine Wisdom, when you work in favor of other ones.

The retrograde forces move forward, continually, swallowing all that allow their free action seeking power and other human vicissitudes.

The insane sowing accomplished by the humanity yesterday, it announces the current painful fruits.

Restore you with unconditional love and charity, as true light protecting the creatures at these difficult moments.

Those that have been learning and practicing the sublime teachings, humbly, they continue serving, because everyone on earth may evolve. Only the ones that have faced the hard trials will inhabit a Renewed Earth.

Let unite our hands for awakening of souls. You are wonderful instruments to help those still far from our God Father.

We remain with you all the way. Do not fear, because the Masters of Light will always look after you.

May the Peace of the Lord of the Worlds always protect you!

Save the Light!

Master Lanto, 05/17/11.

15. Lot of brothers may succumb in suffering

Save the peace! Save the love!

Brothers, the final destruction approaches.

Insane creatures spread their vile vibrations on the terrestrial surface, blemishing the purity of the home granted you by the Divine Mercy.

How ungrateful are those who had everything, but unhappy for not satisfying their dominant anguish, they begun destroying the Mother Earth.

Blessed is Jesus who devoted His pure love for you.

You are suffering now, because in an aggressive way, you ignored the Savior presence, as well God’s Laws.

Your worst suffering is seeing His Greatest Work with no value.

When the lowest condition of imperfection dominates you, the "Forces of Nature" will touch deeply your sleeping consciences, and, as moving parts, will move from one to another side of the Orb and thrown into the insignificance of your childish minds.

Pain will teach lots of you why not despise God’s Laws. Others nothing will understand, therefore unconscious will abandon the Earth.

Useless, the rebel ones will try escape from the prisons, when will see reduced their strength.

By other hand, the workers of last hour bound to work amidst of agony, aware of everything, they will bear in mind the great meaning of that hour.

Brothers, on behalf of Master Jesus, we invite everyone to be ready for the Earth’s farewell to new dimensional home.

Be in Peace.

John the Baptist, son of Isabel, 05/17/11.


16. Brothers, exert more efforts

Good evening, brothers,

People as animals of formerly, they surrender to the kingdom of sensations in the way to see the world, but distanced of God, they remain attached to what can feel physically.

Those devoted to meet God, they look for renewal through the Religions, they see awaken subtler senses, other than primary senses.

Courageous and persevering, the trainees looking for spiritual growth, they found a new way to know themselves; and the experience of God opens touches their souls.

It is difficult to find on Earth, creatures that cannot with little own effort to know the path toward a new evolutionary step, in agreement with the planet, in order to penetrate the fourth dimension involved by the Light of Love.

Brothers, you must make more efforts, because before the least effort demonstrating your regret and will of changing, the Cosmic Power will impel your spiritual ascension.

May the beloved Lord bless us on the progress!

Joanna of Angelis, 05/17/11.

17. Do not let your spirits go under fear and despair.

Clairvoyance: I have seen a large field with a simple hut of wood, from which left Nostradamus, our group GESJ and finally Mrs. Margarida near to him.

He asked us to pay attention on a screen with scenes of earthquakes and lot of people trying to escape from the cities. I could see the Camburi beach in Victoria/ES, invading the city. On those moments, I imagined Victoria City destroyed. Then, I saw scenes of the three days of darkness just beginning.

Nostradamus spoke as follows:

"A generation begins, but does not finish."

"Children will not see their own children."

After returned to our body, Nostradamus and Margarida went back home. Then I received the following message:

Dear sisters,

Formerly, Margarida and we fought against the Light, when we practiced black magic. Today, we are defending the Purposes of Jesus.

We would like to bring good news to the embodied ones, but the time does not wait the rebel ones to awaken and then begin their renewal.

The wind of changes already shakes the Earth’s axis. Time is up for the ones with spiritual blindness look for safe shelter, because surprised, will see each other dragged amidst the ruins of the cities.

For you brothers already looking for knowledge, you do not leave your experienced spirits go under fear and despair that already reach the incredulous ones."

Be you example of courage and safety for the need ones.

Be in Peace.

Nostradamus, 05/17/11.

18. Blessed be the Great Creation!

Clairvoyance: I have seen the Lord Jesus between the Masters Maytreia and Ramatis. From the space, He pointed earthwards saying:

Beloved Masters, in the same way the creatures cross through stages, the planet evolves.

The evolved Beings also have trodden the path of spiritual progress.

My Father gave me the humanity to guide from their decadent stage, like a grain that sprouted on Earth.

Even following through the path of progress granted me by the Father, I would never forget or abandon no sheep of the flock under my care.

New direction in a House in progress, but the love that ties Me to this House, which we created and is about to move from pain to regeneration, time cannot undo these ties build with energy of experienced spirits.

Each Master here connected to the Disciples on Earth through the Great Universal White Fraternity will also reach new hierarchies, because the Law of Progress is the same for all creatures.

Save the Great Creation.

Master Sananda, 05/17/11.

Other Messages by various authors

19. Prophecies

Blessed be the Great Creator!

Brothers of Earth, can you see the Planetary House under deep process of change, in order to welcome new inhabitants?

These current geographical events seek not only the cleaning and fulfillment of collective karma, but also a great operation preparing openings in the earth modifying the terrestrial surface, so that new cities emerge in a New Age.

Wrongly, people think the Divine Laws spread hate among them. It means fulfillment of the Divine Plan taking place on those planets already prepared to move from Atonement and Trials to words of regeneration.

The rebel humanity suffers for not having, along the time, prepared the spirit for this time.

Historically, men and women have reincarnated with the objective to warn and instruct the collectivity toward their own renewal. The answers were mockeries and indifference. Today, at the end of this planetary cycle, we can see afflicted and unprepared those that mocked formerly.

Thus, "exile" means opportunity for those brothers evolve in another "House of Atonement and Trials."

This is the infinite movement of progress that the Creator and Masters eyes everything follow up.

Be in Peace. Save the Light.

Prophet Malachias

Medium: When I asked the brother, if he was the prophet of the Bible, he answered:

- Today, no more I am the Prophet Malachias, but only a humble servant of my Father.


20. More insights on Spiritual Healing

Sisters, we wish peace to you, on behalf of the Master.

In view of doubts brought by embodied ones in this Spiritist House, let me tell you how the spiritual healing in the physical plane happens.

The Spiritist Doctrine contains a vast literature about the spiritual healing. Nevertheless, referred to this "Casa Espirita Servos of Jesus" as we said previously, there is no need of physical contact to apply the magnetic energies for other people. Thus, it also happens with spiritual healing referred to physical- mental health and surgeries.

Prior to the assistant or worker of the Spiritist House assist a patient or needy spirit, we have already analyzed his/her "karmic form" describing actions, procedures, merits and karma bound to this incarnation. With this information in hands, when the patient or needy spirits looks for help, he/she was already invited to visit the Spiritual Cologne to get information about the spiritual healing already began in the spiritual plane.

Thus, obviously, about the spiritual healing, no physical action takes place physically in the Spiritist House GESJ, except to study the Gospel, inner reform and change of vibrational field on the part of the "patient", and magnetized water.

Brothers, you should study and practice the Spiritist Doctrine in order to solve doubts.

May the Peace be among you!

Dr. Samuel, 07/29/11.

21. The Brazilian Nation is not composed of angels

The Brazilian Nation is not composed of angels, but men and women in whose souls already vibrate the faith.

The several races and colors mean ideal miscegenation for a kingdom of peace.

The human misunderstandings seeking free expression, it is natural and surpassed, when sincere are the ideals of serving collectively the Nation.

However, when the roles are reversed; when the community become hostage by those who should protect it, when the guardian of order become the spoilers of peace, no more are the renovating ideals that attempt to subdue the country, but the claws of darkness exploiting humans.

The Homeland’s progress happens when the Rulers seek the common sense.

To conquer areas beyond borderlines, without dignity and honor, it is "to cast pearls before swine" because no solid basis exists in governments that exploits the Nation, enriching their own pockets!

Brazilian people, you should not share your ideals of faith with the materialistic ones only looking for material goods at any cost. Better is the poverty with dignity than wealth stained with dishonor.

The immortal soul shouts for peace and will only find it letting sprout the love and fraternity predicted by the Gospel of Jesus.

Brothers, let us free Brazil from the Beasts yoke!

Renew your faith and expel the Darkness forever!

"The Lord is our shepherd; we shall not be in want".

A mans honor does not mean his wealth, but his soul detached of temporary goods.

Love, pardon, fraternity, humility and faith, it is all!

We hope the solid faith in practicing the Teaching of Jesus Gospel becomes your flag on the Earth of the Cruise.

Be in Peace!

José Bonifácio, 06/03/11.

22. Only one people without borderlines

Clairvoyance: even before feeling his strong presence and hear his message, I saw Angel Ishmael stand up spreading his wings over Brazil.

At the end of the message, I saw him again as before, but he flapped his wings loosing light rays over the "Earth of the Cruise."

The light rays broke the dark cloud involving Brazil, thus reducing the darkness. Then, I received the following message:

Brazilian men and women,

Let the power of faith flow from your hearts!

The darkness want those beings deprived of faith.

Do not look for wealth, which will not make Brazil the Barn of the World.

It is through the spiritual development that you will conquer the title of Homeland of the Gospel.

Historically, the greatest Nations are replete of bad actions and bloodshed. These so-called powerful Nations, without military power, cannot dominate other peoples.

The light of Planetary Renewal is bound to Brazil, however, with dirty hands by greed and corruption they will turn off the lights of the Gospel and attract to its green core, the storms of Nature defeating those powerful Nations.

Only with dignity, humility and spirituality, you survive amidst the chaos.

"Wolves try to seduce sheep" to turn them into "black sheep" when thus wish.

The destination of the World does not rest on a single nation. In case you give up, for your actions contrary to the Gospel of Christ, of being the Homeland of the Gospel and the World’s Heart, the Divine Plan contains a Plan of Emergency for the backwarded planets.

You have the free will governing your actions, but cannot determine life in Universe.

Stop the "backwarded moral" that similar the cascade effect, it is disseminated among people.

Rulers, your lives are immaterial before the Fathers Will. If you do not follow the Gospel of Jesus, the current changes will drag you, and before you destroy more and more the Homeland of the Gospel, from the High, we can stop your actions connected to the Beast for not stain the Brazilian soil with armed revolt, sanguinary fights and moral perversion.

Before the dawn of the New Age, you will see turned into chaos, your ideals of economically subdue the world, because the destination of Brazil means the Planet’s spiritual progress.

Brazilian men and women,

Be you humble Servants of Jesus in fulfilling the high purposes bound to the Planet Earth!

Renew your faith and give up the Evil!

May Jesus bless Brazil and the world!

Save the Brazilian people!

Ishmael, Brazil’s Guardian Angel

After praying the mantra at 6 p.m.

Nations of the world that morally face the planetary changes, they will become only one people without borders, only one race, and only one God for the construction of the Renewed Earth.

It is the Divine Planning bound to Planet Earth.

Save the Light guiding us!

Blessed be Jesus!

Ishmael, Brazil’s Guardian Angel, 06/03/11

23. The Planet Earth begs for help

Dear brothers, may the Peace be with you!

Long time ago, we arrived at this Planet Earth attracted by the scream of scientists souls aware of their insane ideas of constructing the Atomic bomb. They begged to the Creative Father to help the Planet, which was about disappearing.

Since then, on behalf of the Creator, we are on Earth, helping the humanity and cleaning up the Planet Earth.

Among lot of terrestrial beings, we knew acting as rescue parties in the material and astral planes, this Group GESJ attracted us in its sincere way of fulfilling their spiritual and moral duties and by spontaneous joy of serving the Earth’s Divine Governor.

Since we met you, various opportunities we had to clean up the Planet of "end of times."

You welcomed us with natural joy and became our dear friends.

Brothers, let us continue fulfilling the work that redeems and elevates the souls above the suffering condition.

To serve the Creator is highest accomplishment by the evolved spirits, aware of their real condition as children of God.

Our best wishes of peace and love.

Ranquilau, 12/28/10

Note: This Extraterrestrial brother was the first one who communicated with us in 1981. We are thankful to Jesus for blessed presence of extraterrestrial brothers in our GESJ.

24. Chaos is result of human actions

Brothers, we greet you in name of the Light!

The Cleaner Star is in your Solar system.

Flood tides invade the land, and our spaceships have been selecting those human beings with merit for not succumbing amidst the catastrophes.

From the Planet Patrol, we monitor the events triggered in the small Planet Earth. Even before the events happen in the matter, we anticipate our actions of helping the Planet Earth and Humanity.

Differently the creatures may think, the rudder is safe in hands of the Divine Driver, Lord Jesus, and Divine Laws that govern the Life following their salutary and perfect automatism.

Chaos is result of human actions governed by free will.

Do not be very surprised before the planetary events, because since long time ago, "Doomsday" and "Selection between incarnate and disincarnate spirits" announced by Jesus happens in an accelerated way.

From the space, we assist you, even those who judge us intruders and ignore us.

Observe the time in the dimension you are. It runs fast, due to the Earth’s movement penetrating into a "new dimension."

Your physical bodies are perishable, and your immortal souls incredulous of the Truths, they are transferred for other planets compatible with your evolution. You will remain ignorant, until for own will, you awaken the conscience to act to own evolution.

It is not the end, but a new restart above your understanding.

May Jesus bless you!

Ivan, Planet Patrol, 08/19/11

25. The evident inversion of moral values

Peace and Love to our Sisters.

It is very difficult to penetrate the terrestrial psychosphere, and only those committed with the "Project Earth" can tread through the open roads created by the power of Light amidst the darkness, which involves the humanity.

Since long time ago, we warn you about the events triggered by the "Planetary Transition". Unhappily, we can see that most of you still ignore us. Even those that are near to the Nuclei of Light, aware of such alerts coming from the High, they refuse the truth.

"Much will be asked of he who receives much" when see each other immersed in the inner darkness, fear, doubts and emotional afflictions before the chaos. Poor brothers that will face hard trials in order find the Light.

Doubts reigns while the undisguised bandits circulate among the frightened communities. Prisons are full of "harmless criminals" while "great criminals" often are free as "representatives of human laws."

The inversion of moral values is evident and the minority that remains loyal to the high spiritual patterns, they suffers the collision with a society failed morally, materialistic and faithless.

How can you doubt the Apocalypse presents itself?

Only the deceived ones ignore the fateful events around them.

Waves of inferior energy from abysmal regions where the sanitation happens rapidly involve the Planet. As a "pressure cooker" uncovered, the abysmal discharges violently reach the terrestrial surface triggering strong unbalances, suffering, diseases and catastrophes among the creatures.

Small spaceships circulate full time throughout the Earth time monitoring the levels of harmful energy, spilling magnetic waves of vital energy to reduce your suffering.

The intraterrestrial cities increase the levels of superior energy circulating in the Earth, as if they were blood vessels to maintain minimum "levels of health" on earth.

Everything happens according to the Divine Plan.

He, who believes, he must connect with superior Hosts and practice the Lessons of Love taught by the Divine Governor, Jesus, because sooner will be free from the backwarded planets to inhabit a New World.

From the Planet Patrol, we send you, our salutary energies of fraternity and love, so that you face the chaos and reach a New Age of Regeneration.

Yours faithfully Brother,

Yuri, 08/19/11

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