Divulgation 63


Dear Readers,

To you, health, love and peace in Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life.

I never had imagined that Superior Beings would come, through mediums, ask to me remain, for the time being, as leader of GESJ.

Long before this request, I intended to say good-bye to my companions during the last meeting in December of 2011. Reasons: I am eighty eight years old, very tired weakened in my physical health.

I was wrong, soon, I received message above, which is an order to me. Then, I remain "until death comes."

In fact, "time has expired" since my eighty years old, but, let us go ahead.

It is interesting that nobody, not even of my family knew of such decision.

I sand here with the Divulgation nr. 63. I expect these beautiful Christmas´ messages may touch you, in the same way they touched us, Servants of Jesus.

This number brings messages on Jesus, some dictated by the Master, and others by several evolved spiritual brothers with their callings of alert, which we should put into practice on those difficult moments throughout the Planet.

It is difficult to speak of it, when people only speak of "food, drinks and gifts."

For those attentive to the news, they know, there is no return, because only a further miracle would change the difficult, painful situation in which is the Planet Earth.

For eighty eight years, I have been following up the destruction of moral and spiritual values, while Technology and Science make progress. Does humanity need only these last elements to survive?

In fact, most of inhabitants of the World, including the inferior astral, they still ignore the present and future situation. There is a saying, "pepper in the eyes of others is refreshing."

I stop here. Excuse me for my poor vocabulary, because I am not very good at Portuguese language.

I address an affectionate hug to the readers, followers, mainly those very often encouraging and making us happy with their e-mails, letters and Christmas cards.

May Jesus bless us!

Margarida, GESJ – December of 2011.

Note: Dear brothers and readers, this divulgation should have been sent before Christmas of 2011, as gift of the Master Nazarene. However, we are sending it too late, due to the urgency in publishing the books on our Black Brothers and Nostradamus. We wish these messages may touch your hearts, as alert, enlightenment and certainty of renewed world for those who practice the Lessons of Jesus.

Margarida, GESJ – 02/09/12

01. Pain will come

Dear daughter,

The door of which you speak – Love - it was always in front of you.

For you having often despised your existence, you must support pain and sacrifice to rescue so many brothers that were attached to your blindness for centuries.

Pain will come, therefore many people are already got lost and others will be too. However, do not be disappointed, because he, who attains the safe port, he will never return to the world, unless he serves all humanity.

New chances will come so that the late ones return to Fathers Kingdom by own hands, which erroneously had directed them without love.

Go ahead, despite the hard proofs, you have already trodden most of the road, and will be assisted full time along the road.

Save the Light!

Yours Brother and Master,

Jesus, 07/15/2000.

02. Forgive to achieve the Light

Beloved children of My Father, it is time to reaffirm your faith. When I was with you, I left lessons of love and pardon to forgive those who hurt you.

I was barbarously murder and even thus, I forgave my enemies.

My children, you must forgive those who hurt you.

Do not let the bestial instincts inhabit your soul.

My children, you must banish the evil and spread light when the shadows try to subdue the Planet.

If the enemies pursue you, love them as I love you.

You who receive my words and divulge them to the world; you are also pursued by enemies of the physical and invisible planes. Combat the evil with love. These are the weapons I left you.

At this turbulent hour, when the Planet crosses the backward dimensions seeking to change them into peacetime, you will feel larger presence of beings of darkness struggling for not abandon the Planet that looks to renew itself.

My children, Love and forgive, even if are deeply hurt or lose life wrongly, love and forgive all, because all are brothers, children of the Uncreated Creator Father.

Forgive in order to attain the dimension of light, peace and love among men.

May the Peace inhabit you!

Lord Jesus, 08/13/11

03. I came to combat the evil and spill "Light over Darkness"

Clairvoyance: I was taken to space as far as the region of Libya, where I have seen a giant "form-thought" as "local entity" being consumed by another dark form-thought of the Abyss.

I have seen "Red Dragons" of China and "American Eagles" flying over some countries. Then, in a dark place were together a giant bird, the American eagle, the red dragon of China, a gold lion of England, and a snake. Then, a big bull also giant, ill-favoured joined them. They looked at each other angrily and dispersed in different directions.

Finally, I saw enemies of the Light trying to set on fire GESJ and ASJ.

After the mantra, I heard somebody shouting: "Kill the children! Kill the firstborn ones! Torture the children! Pursue the followers of the Lamb, extinguish their virtues and exacerbate their weaknesses! Kill the animals! "

Lot of backward disembodied beings answered to that cruel call, and also, many embodied ones linked to satanic sects, ordinary people full of addictions and bad tendencies, and every sort of decadent and corrupt people.

Then, I heard a voice from Abyss saying: "Caifaz, go up to retake your realm usurped by the Lamb!" Then, I saw a sinister, giant image leaving from the Abyss. It seemed a mummy of fleshless hands and dressed in rotten tunic. She moved slowly toward the Earth’s surface.

Now, I can see it as a gigantic in Jerusalem. It looks from one side to another in search of someone. At that moment, her garments and appearance became human, like a Jewish priest.

On the other side, Jesus appeared without a defined human form, just as a soft light. Then, they began the following dialogue:

From the High, we could see the fields of Light and Darkness.

Jesus: I came to combat the evil and spill the Light over the Darkness.

Caifaz: I am the "evil" representing human will.

Jesus: The free will inevitably will lead you to my Fathers Kingdom.

Caifaz: They refuse the pain you give them I came to spill the bitter cup on Earth, and seduce them with mundane pleasures.

Jesus: Only those who put the light under the bushel, or see the locks in the brothers eyes, or close the minds to the Eternal Truths, they will follow you and sip larger bitter portion.

Come to me, brother! Abandon the darkness to know my Fathers Love.

Caifaz: I ignore your Father! I ignore your love! You are the poor crucified one! Caifaz said and burst into a gale of laughter.

Jesus intensified His Light and then Caifaz left saying:

- I do not surrender to you! You are the Lamb, and my "wolves" will kill you.

Jesus: Come on brother, My Fathers Kingdom awaits you, but, before penetrating there, you will feel the sword of Justice in your heart.

You have chosen the sword and through the sword will perish. You leave this Planet and you will only return when you deserve dress the white tunic to take part of the celestial banquet."

Go, the choice is yours! Those who follow you, seduced by your deceiving speech, they go into exile.

The free will guides your steps to render concrete the Divine Law.

Then, there was an explosion of light and finished the dialogue.

Jesus, 08/26/11

04. Love frees the soul, hatred arrests it

Beloved children of My Father!

I stand here where sincere hearts in my name share love and send vibrations of Peace to the world.

Love makes scarce in those hearts immersed in pride, attached to worldly goods.

The "Planetary Cycle of Atonement" finishes, when the announced Apocalypse shows itself among men who ignore the current reality, staying immersed in the material illusion.

They refuse My Gospel, or when accept it, do no practice Lessons I left. As ignorant beings, they have tormented their lifetime.

Love frees the soul; hatred arrests it.

To flow the brothers blood for illusory achievements is condemn the own soul for other expiatory cycles.

Life in matter is a blessed opportunity for tormented souls evolve. The free one no more need reborn in the matter, because will live forever in My Fathers Kingdom, practicing goodness.

Look for the Light!

The "mantle of darkness" dares to stain the Light of My Love, however, my children, those who stay far from such disastrous influence; they will achieve the victory above the Darkness.

Remove the darkness of your heart, loving and forgiving to you find My Fathers Kingdom.

I have been with you always ignoring me!

I will never abandon you. I am your Shepherd; you are my sheep.

Brothers, to attain My Fathers Kingdom, first, you must come to me. I am the Way, Truth and Life.

I am Jesus Sananda looking after you.

Many people call me, but few ones experience my Gospel. Wake up!

I am the Living Fire of Love among you.

Jesus Sananda, 09/10/11

05. My Fathers House has many mansions!

In My Father’s House have several mansions! It does matter your choice as rightist of leftist beings, wheat or tares, your soul will be housed in some place of the Universe.

You are tiny sparks newly free of the consciousness of primitive realms, and your experience in the hominal realm is still influenced by the animal kingdom.

Eternity will provide you endless opportunities to evolve, and all souls also will evolve in some planetary cycle. Even if the spirit repeats infinite corrective lessons, there will come a day of spiritual redemption, when will be free from the animal influence and will be governed by love.

On that moment, the veil will fall from the unknown, and quickly "get wings" to expand beyond the turbulent sea to finally meet the calm waters of higher evolution.

In the Fathers House have many mansions to welcome the offenders of the Divine Laws, as well the souls that already attained spiritual renewal.

Sparks that shine or not, all will attain the whirlwind of spiritual progress.

Spirit of Truth, 10/07/11

06. We will meet each other in the Renewed Earth

Beloved brothers, children of our God Father!

I have been walking with you!

Do not be surprised at our Presence!

It could not be different, once that Love dictates we shall walk side by side with our dear ones, no matter how long it takes to understand that we all are brothers, children of the Father, Creator Uncreated of all things on earth.

From time to time, the supreme wisdom sent to mankind on earth, lessons so that men evolve. Few are those that surrounded to higher feelings were able to enjoy the messages sent by the Father of Mercy and Goodness to evolve as humans.

However, entire collectivities stay too late, attached to ephemeral values, far from the higher purposes of life. They insist on parking in the evolutionary process that urges at the moment on the Earth’s surface, with insane, infantile attitudes, they disturb the progress of other collectivities dedicated to the Sublime Teachings, by leaving behind old habits, seeking spiritual renewal.

That is why, from time to time, truths are revealed to unveil sceneries of the "invisible reality" before your material eyes. But there are many "blind" people unable to attain the "light" and then, they insist on repeating it does not exist.

Beloved brothers, do not be seduced by the "blind ones" invading the world.

Each of you try finding in your heart, the Supreme Light poured over everyone. All my dear pupils will know the Truth able to free them.

As humans, do not act as "saviors", but lowly in My Name divulging the Revelations, Teachings and Truths sent to you.

You are instruments that embrace the Truth transmitting it through the work at this difficult hour.

We have prayed so that the Father blesses this backward, childish humanity, because time makes scarce and, every instant, you are closer of the final cataclysms, when free from the fragile, illusory material garments, you will meet your spiritual reality and see one another as real brothers, when the veil falls.

Be ready to see other brothers as we can see you, without masks or rhetoric.

You will be before the Truth. I am the Way, Truth and Life.

Brothers, we hope, on that moment, the despair or pain do not make you crazy. Be linked with our sublime spheres of Love and Compassion to keep balanced in thinking and understanding the moment, as blessed opportunity for the evolutionary ascension.

This is the last call to you serving and love the neighbor, as yourself.


Elevate the minds and hearts to the Creator, exalting His perfection, never addressing Him insults or revolt to the "Last Call."

You ought to join spiritual forces to do now, what you have not done for millennia.

It is time to "final choice" to put into practice the lessons of the Gospel to own benefit and the neighbor.

Everything else is superfluous and transitory. Each one ought to dedicate on the appropriate use of the moral virtues left for the humanity by many faithful workers that insistently educate you with r wise words and procedures.

Time is over to complain of what have not done yet; or late understanding of mistakes committed, or fair penalty the Law of Life imposes you.

It is necessary to look ahead for true happiness, through the present actions firmly grounded in the construction of sublime moral virtues.

There are many people around you, depreciating the Power of God. They will try seducing you for instinctive life, animal, which that still influences strongly your attitudes. You should not follow them.

Delimit firmly your field of acting in agreement with the Laws of God, and you will have all conditions to overcome the negative influences, although you recognize yourself without the necessary strength.

If your will is sincere, surely, you will get to defeat the negative beings. They will always persist in deviating from the right path, the largest number of careless beings.

Keep the minds linked to the "Power of Good!"

Go firmly toward the Light that guides you!

Brothers, through the transmitted teachings, look for the lessons you ought to put into practice, because the time granted by the Father to humanity finished.

The "End" approaches, since the Negative Forces already exceeded the limits.

We stand here to answer your questions.

Margarida: we stand here, knelt down, thankful for your wise words that explain and bring us strength and courage to continue our journey on earth.

Thank you, beloved Jesus for everything granted us "Grupo Servants of Jesus" created with much love, dedication and respect to the Divine Teachings, despite of our defects and imperfections.

Jesus: Sister, we know of your daily troubles and "desire of liberation," however, we humbly ask you to stay more time working, because many people still need this help, and, if we get to reach their confused minds, we will be applying "the power of love" in the reconstruction of the ties of affinity disturbed in the past, not with only members of humanity, but also with the Planetary House that shelters all with so much love.

Your determination in progressing spiritually, it put you ahead of an army in My Name, fighting, cleaning of the astral plane and divulging My Messages to other human hearts.

Once you are brave woman, we still need your effort before this Group so that until the end, comes true the Fathers Purposes.

We will never abandon you.

In your happy return, we will be gathered in strength and light. For the time being, from the invisible plane, we follow you, sure that blessed spirits, dear Masters, dear ones of other planets also increase the Armies of Light to pour on Earth, the Power and Love of God, as opportunity of progress for all men and women in this Planet.

May the Peace of the Lord of the worlds bless us, so that we celebrate, in the future, the victory of Light over Darkness!

In the Renewed Earth, we will again celebrate happy moments.

Margarida: I understand. Dear Brother, I will do my best for this old, tired body of mine so that I remain a little more in the physical plane.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, once again, in my name and all of hard-working brothers of both planes belonged to "Grupo Espirita Servos de Jesus" (*).

Jesus, 11/05/11.

(*): It was very difficult to me, in publishing this message that touched me deeply, I came to the conclusion, it covers all Spiritualist Groups devoted on the work, on behalf of the Lord Jesus.

07. Dark night approaches of the Earth

Brothers, only the practice of love will be able to guide from the labyrinth of pain you have built around you.

He, who is distant of true love, he will be lost, and among pain and regret, he will look for solution, without success. Do not think that escaping, you will avoid suffering, but in solidarity with other suffering ones, try to aid others, in order to rescue the largest number of brothers. This is the testimony of faith and love in God.

You should not execrate the Creator who did not determine any suffering for you. Just of you emanate the destructive forces you have surrounded in the Abyss.

The Father who is pure kindness, love and compassion, He never ceases of sending to the humanity, lights to illuminate those walking in the darkness. Even in the dark nights of chaos to which you have surrendered, you ought to have faith to find the brilliant Light of His Love, as the only way to guide you in the darkness.

Dark night is approaching the Earth and the incredulous humanity will dive in the darkness of own ignorance.

Blessed are those who having heard our words, they kept them as a gift emanated of our hearts to apply at this time.

All who come to me in search of comfort, orientation and help, despite of suffering, they are involved in the balm of compassion.

Blessed Beings are those that respect the Laws. They will understand that there is no punishment, just harvest, and to each one will be given, according to his merit.

May the Lord of the Worlds, beloved Father bless you and the future of the humanity!

Margarida: Beloved Lord Jesus, we all present here, embodied and disembodied spirits are thankful for your warnings and explanation of the things that have been happing. We know, we do not deserve it, but we are the Greatest Divine Mercy that, despite the mistakes and imperfections ours, it helps us so that at this difficult time, we can fight, putting into practice the teachings attained.

In my name and this humble GESJ, thank you, dear Brother, Divine Master, for me and this humble GESJ.

Jesus: Brothers, what you have chosen as values measured by the creatures, it is nothing for those that, like us, already achieved the grace of God’s Love.

We have the qualities necessary for the communication, assistance and help. You are nothing more than the others. You have already attained the understanding, they have not. To them, we will also give the fraternal presence, when it is possible, and by merit, they look for us in their hearts.

Dear fraternal Spirits present here, we are not those unreachable Beings that men think and elect to idolatry. We Spirits above you in the evolutionary journey of life, and as we learned, we serve our brothers, as we once were served by other brothers.

Beloved pupils of My Heart, I involve you all in the heat of My Love!

May the Power of Light pour in your consciences the fullness of peace!

Margarida: so be it, Divine Master!

Jesus, 11/18/2011.

Clairvoyance: During the Lord Jesus psychophonic message, I saw arriving guided by His Will, the Apostles and other enlightened spirits, as volunteers, to join the team of workers in this House of Charity. I see their minds together generating strong vibrational field multiplying by the "pillar of light" that anchors the Superior Forces of GESJ. That expanded the vibrational field of the "Shield of Protection" existent outside of our Group.

08. As before, I come to you

Clairvoyance: I saw still young Mrs. Margarida receiving us in a beautiful place near the beach. We were in a glade of a beautiful forest.

Margarida told us that Master Shama Hare had bought us there and we should wait. We all wore long white tunics.

There were so many very happy, but in respectful silence.

In front the crowd was a table occupied with Beings of Light that we could see them clearly. Soon after, Jesus appeared in the center, when we realized the Beings of Light were the Apostles of the beloved Jesus.

It seemed like the dawn, when soft light appears on the horizon.

When the Lord Jesus finished speaking, flakes of multicolored energy fell like snow upon us, and small golden spaceships circulated closer the happy crowd.

Here are the Divine Masters words:

Brothers, as before, I am here inviting you to share with us the ideals of love.

Most of people present here has been with me on Earth. Each of them walking in the evolutionary stage chosen, but seeking to assume new responsibilities in the path of spiritual progress.

Do not judge slow or long the period you had between the "encounter with me in the matter" and today. For eternity it is nothing, and for the time you are facing in spiritual delay, it is smaller.

Today, your souls have the brightness of those brothers who have already found the key that opens the doors to spiritual ascension.

Now, you are in these High Spheres before My Presence and Apostles, so that you can record our words in your souls.

You are living the "final transformation and agony of the Earth" when each one here represents a focus of light in the matter. They are consciences already awakened acting as "fishermen of souls."

The Earth’s final agony represents larger portion of pain and suffering for those people that did not prepare themselves with the lessons of moral evolution and love for the announced "End of the Earth of Atonement."

Have patience with your neighbor, however, stand firm in repelling the evil.

Be humble before the Creator, but determined as Warriors of Light.

Be faithful servants in fulfilling the lessons I left you, in practicing them naturally with other brothers.

Spread goodness, love, charity and knowledge, because the afflicted, lost, ignorant souls multiply around you, in both planes of life, demanding of each one, larger efforts in practicing lessons of love, renouncement and faith.

Do not waste the precious time you still have in the matter with doubts, concerns or unnecessary fear, because everything that is contrary to the Love and Lessons of My Gospel weakens your souls, exposing you to inferior vibrations, where the tormented ones inhabit abundantly.

Rejoice in happiness, peace, courage and faith, because "all of you will face the difficult transition", and the more you have developed faith and trust in the Purposes of God, larger spiritual strength will have to face the storms.

I assure my constant presence guiding you and others with me tuned in the work of planetary liberation.

Do not worry; just work with resignation until ceases the storms, so that you penetrate the areas of Regeneration.

Your physical and spiritual bodies feel tired, because of intense battles in the physical and invisible plane. So, more often, you will be brought as far as the Higher Planes to prepare you with larger strength, energy of love for the conflicts that may become increasingly severe, as the end approaches.

Those who doubt our words, we invite them to meditate on recent planetary events, and after a fair and logic analysis, to make choices to join the Army of Light.

Do not forget, we are always with you!

With me you were on that hour and felt My Presence.

Go to the battlefields that will free you aware of My Presence guiding you from Darkness to Light of Regeneration.

I am your Master, Guide and Shepherd.

May the Planetary Christ bless you!

I am Jesus.

Jesus, 11/18/11

09. I am not God as you think

Beloved brothers,

The lessons I left you, they serve as Itinerary to free you from the suffering.

I am not God as you think. I am only your Brother, Son of the Father in Heaven.

For you came to Him, you must go through Me. I am the Way, Truth and Life. I Fulfill His Eternal, immutable Laws.

Your wrongdoing put you far from me.

Love, forgive and see me as your Brother.

Come to me. I will lighten your bale.

I am your Brother,

Jesus, 12/02/11

10. My Bloodshed on Earth

Beloved daughters, you are my arms, my voice and Hope of my heart, to see rescued My Fathers children.

I had my bloodshed, untainted, on Earth, but yours very often has been causing inveterate hatred and revenge.

Go ahead, my daughters, even if your bloodshed is no more to provoke hatred, but to bring peace and harmony on Earth.

Save the children of My Father from darkness; listen to the urgent call coming from the Higher.

Do not worry, my daughters, I am with you.

Closer the Earth I will be so that you feel my presence at your side.

Wake up my brothers, before sounding the last hour!

May the Peace involve your hearts and My Love leads you to victory!

Jesus, 11/09/11

11. I am for You

Beloved, children, here, I am with you.

We expect the bitter medicine poured into your cups is not late to heal your rebelliousness.

Pain can free you, since you have faith.

The Magnanimous Father never abandons you, since you look for Him at once.

Love, forgive; renew your souls, because the "celestial banquet" awaits you dressed on "white garment."

I am with you! I am for you!

I am your Brother,

Jesus, 12/17/11

12. Do not be alarmed by the screams and groans

Beloved children,

The accelerate time is not enough to whiten your tunic for the "Advent of New Age" already coming.

Do not be alarmed by the screams and moans, but keep mind and heart balanced, so that you spill peace among the unbalanced ones, and help other brothers in need.

Accelerate your actions in the Good to penetrate the higher dimension.


Suffering and pain increase progressively due the accelerate movements of the planetary body toward a new dimension.

Love, forgive and help the neighbor, while you have the last chance in this Planet School that changes to evolve.

I bless you. We wait for you.

I am your brother,

Jesus, 12/27/11

13. You never doubt of My Presence

Loved daughters, struggle in My Name, spilling hopes and light in the afflicted hearts, so that they leave behind the superlative pain from the darkness, where you remained for endless time.

You are brave warriors, whose physical armor is prepared to face all collisions programmed by the Superior Hosts protecting you. You are My Servants doing humbly what I ask you.

Few ones said my servants are not affected emotionally, knowing exactly where to situate themselves in tragedies of life! Few ones know how distinguish the consanguineous ties, as transitory, and understand my words, "Who is my mother? Who is my father? Who are my brothers?"

Most of those said as my followers immersed in the family difficulties, they eventually become emotionally imbalanced, unable to fight in the "invisible battlefields" more and more intense for implantation of Light over the Darkness.

In fact, you have suffered to purify your souls, but bear in mind; I am with you, in a loving way, combating the brothers that do not recognize me.

As you know, when you use the sword to defeat the opponents of the Light, I am with you welcoming them lovingly in my arms, and lead them all to My Fathers House. Today, those said my enemies, they cannot see me, but I do not worry, I love them, as I also love you, and I will lead them to evolve in other planets.

Beloved daughters, I am with you, and closer I will be until the Planet no more needs My Presence and others brothers replace me.

I greet you on behalf of the Planetary Christ and I leave you My Love.

You never doubt of My Presence. I am in you, I am for you!

I am Jesus.

Jesus, 01/27/12

14. The Star of Bethlehem shone in Heaven

The Star of Bethlehem shone in Heaven announcing the arrival of Divine Nazarene on Earth.

Men’s hearts were deeply touched, happy and tuned in with God, even unaware of the Divine Gift arriving. Nevertheless, their souls were already in touch with the sublime vibrations coming from Heaven to Earth.

Jesus brought to men on Earth, His Love of renouncement, sacrifice and pardon still unknown by the humanity.

His Divine Presence in the matter meant liberation on Earth.

Jesus who was announced by the prophets, renounced by men, He remains in our hearts illuminating the darkness, inviting all human beings to inhabit His Kingdom of Light!

Beloved Jesus, you are the Sun that warms our souls amidst the cold spiritual delay.

Beloved brothers, open your hearts for the Divine Love and then, you leave from Darkness to Light.

Blessed be Jesus! Blessed be His Power of Love!

João de Deus, 12/09/11

15. Saul, why do you persue me?

Clairvoyance: During the mantra at 6 o’clock, I saw Paul of Tarsus, when I heard about his encounter with Jesus in Damascus.

Unhappily, I cannot translate the profound emotion I felt.

Then, I received the following message:

In Damascus, "an encounter saved me."

Jesus whom I pursued, beautifully He appeared to saying, "Saul, why do you pursue me?"

My physical eyes were blinded, but my spiritual eyes opened.

The blindness of physical body brought light to my soul.

When I became aware of his embodied life on earth, His Light involved my soul.

My purple mantle of hatred became simple and humble, because only as humble man, I could find Him.

I died beheaded calling for His name, without knowing of His Presence of Light that already waited for me.

With renewed soul, I penetrated the Illuminated Spheres, no more blind before His Sublime Presence.

I follow praising His Name.

Again, I was in physical body to redeem myself in His Love. I was pursued and humiliated, because only thus, I would be free of the past time.

Brothers, you must renew yourselves in Jesus Love, because the lights of this expiatory dimension are turning off, and only those that already have seen Him, will reach the Doors of a New Age.

Save the Love! Blessed be the Lord Jesus!

Paul of Tarsus, 12/09/11.

16. Lot of histories tell about Him

Clairvoyance: On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, after the mantra, I had a beautiful vision. I saw Mary; Mother of Jesus dressed as a woman of her time, with a very simple white tunic. She sat down before a group of children also dressed in white that seemed await her.

First, she began a very interesting, beautiful conversation with the children that curiously asked who was her, who promptly said that was Mother of Jesus. Then, the children asked her how Jesus was as a child. She calmly began recalling passages of His past. She spoke of His childhood, goodness and obedience when He was a little boy always ready to help His parents. She also spoke of His wisdom and lucidity of ideas that distinguished Him among other children.

The children heard very attentive and wondered if He used play, or was a mischievous boy as, in general, children are.

Then, Mary seemed to bring back in time, the presence of Jesus, when He was a boy and described his way simple and kind, tame and friendly in acting. Finally, she told the children that Jesus was not a child like others, because he had a special mission to accomplish with the humanity; He knew in advance, what other children would still learn, and often, He taught to them.

Mary transmitted to the children with very simple words, deep information on the Lord Jesus and His Gospel. Intuitively, I received the information that those children are being prepared to inhabit the New Earth with profound knowledge on Jesus Gospel.

On Friday, during a meeting in GESH, I received the following message:

Beloved children!

I have been on Earth as woman and, in such condition, the Lord made me mother. As it was enough the joy of becoming receiver of life in my womb, wanted the Divine Goodness the Being I carried in my body for months, He was Being of Light and Pure Love that the humanity has known by the name of Jesus.

Many stories are told about His Works and Teachings; and lots of ideas on His simple life, happiness and tenderness with other brothers.

From his eyes emerged light, whenever the children of God, human beings or other beings came to meet Him.

From His mouth left only sweetness and wisdom filling of peace, our hearts.

Everybody expressed in a respectful attitude before His moral authority by His presence.

As Rampart of Love, He became man to be seen by other men able to understand through His Sublime Lessons the earthly existence as transitory experience of untransferable progress only successful, when lived within the Law of Love and Pardon uttered by Him.

Friends and followers were gathered around Him until the moment necessary to defend His ideals. At that time, no one remained to give Him convenient support for His purpose of visiting the Earth.

Thence, it is understood that only He had, in fact, the qualities needed to fulfill the Father’s purposes with the earthly humanity.

Alone, injured and humiliated, His body fell down before men, and His soul ascended more radiant before God, fulfilling noble task of educating, through His example, the humanity.

He granted us the best moral values, as seeds planted in human hearts. Up to now, the fertility evoked by His lessons germinates awakening so many consciences.

There was not on earth, larger lesson than that of Jesus, who became incarnate among Man, Master and Friend, whose promise of aiding, guiding will remain even in the New Earth. When the little inhabitants of the future Planet recall, through their religious studies, about the existence of one Star of Light, they will understand His Light that sought to illuminate the dark night of an ignorant humanity, in offering them another blessed opportunity to find the path of progress.

I say good-bye, with my best wishes of peace and happiness to everyone, once again, thankful for having granted me the greatness of serving, through the physical body, as vehicle of the Presence of Jesus among men.

I embrace you, wishing Peace!

Mary, Mother of Jesus, 12/09/11

17. In the dream, a voice spoke...

On the horizon, a light shone and modified entirely my life.

I used look at the sky to study the arrangement of the stars, in an attempt to codify the language that dictated the thoughts of God.

Sure I was the position of the stars in the sky meant something important for us who stared it here down. We would be the readers; while in Heaven would be the Book of God.

In my dreams, a light told me that one King would be born on Earth. He would be a different King and, from the "Stars" would bring Lessons never known to humanity.

Invaded by inexplicable feeling of admiration and wish to know Him, I prepared myself to go ahead.

In the dream, I heard a voice instructing us, several men, to follow it until the encounter of the new-born baby.

It was a sunny day, when I began walking; taking with me a gift for the new-born baby, thinking that trip would change my life. However, I did not know yet, when I started that journey, I myself was beginning a period of pregnancy that would precede my rebirth, because when to find Jesus meant my reborn!

None of those who lived with Him, heard His voice, stared His calm look, they continued the same ones, such the moral authority of His Spirit over the people.

The few years with him were intense, rich of learning that touched me deeply forever.

Now, in His battlefield, we act, raising the flag of peace and kindness as guides.

Nowadays, when you celebrate His Birthday, we want to remind you, the opportunity we had to reborn with Him in the purposes of the Creator Uncreated Father of Justice and Love to the neighbor, as if were one of us.

Will you be able to do it?

If the answer is yes, then rejoice in your hearts, but if you cannot yet free yourself from the ties of inveterate hatred, aversion and useless quarrels, you ought to meditate on His message and purify your hearts to receive Him.

Be in Peace!

Balthazar ², 12/27/11.

Note ²: Balthazar - one of the Three Magi

18. The Child Light

After the prayer uttered with emotion and reverence to the three Magi:

Beloved sisters,

May the Peace of Christ be with you!

After purified our souls through the humility and pardon, blessed with the sincere conviction of the arrival of Hope on Earth, we could see the Star that led us to Him.

At each step we have given, it shortened the distance to meet Him, and ever closer to His presence, we felt the joy of finding Him.

The Child Light that we found, He vibrated with too much energy, which touched us deeply to kneel down offering Him the little gifts.

The Child did not cry, but smiled before our presence, and, from His little hands loosened focus of lights touching our hearts for the most faithful devotion to Him.

His Teachings and immortal Gospel definitively changed our souls.

Jesus is the sweetest vibration of love!

Belchior ³, 01/06/12

Note ³ Belchior - one of the Three Magi

19. It is hour to unite

Save the Force! Save the Love!

Blessed be the Divine Lord governor of the worlds!

Brothers, we were gathered in the spiritual plane with Religious Leaders.

Now, we transmit to you the message:

Beloved brothers who have assumed the responsibility of "spiritual assistance for embodied spirits," at this time of pain and screech of teeth on the Earth’s surface, the High Spirituality invites you to collaborate in directing the future human collectivities.

Beloved Brazil has been carrying out important role in the Higher Plane, at this time of consolidating the sublime values of the Gospel of Jesus. Nevertheless, the events that take different directions, they have finding negative able to deviate the Higher Purposes.

It is necessary to rescue men and women from illicit practices, remembering them on "moral values of the High Spirituality."

It is necessary refrain the violence instilled by the Armies of Darkness disturbing the Brazilian Society for, amid the chaos, take advantage of the precious energies they need to render concrete their perverse plans of domain over the creatures.

It is time to unity; putting above the doctrinaire precepts of different religions, moral values that are universal and represent a state of civility among human groups.

It is necessary to stand out among the faithful ones of different religions, the role they must exercise in society, to rescue of appropriate behavior among brothers of same Planet.

You are brothers that must exemplify to the world, how is life in society. Fraternity among you must be above any disagreement that by chance or lapse of human imperfections may occur.

You ought to be aware of the pardon, without neglecting the reasonable correction for those that hypnotized by the power and greed, they commit illicit actions.

To you, Religious Leaders that so much was given of knowledge, orientation and spiritual assistance to carry out your duties, so much you will be charged by the large number of followers that due to you action, or omission, they make the choice of acting in favor or against the Laws of God.

Go ahead to fulfill what the Planetary Transition Council determines.

It is time to work hard.

It is time for revelation and put them into practice. It is time of persistent, firm actions in the Good!

It is not time for doubts, questions and intellectual disagreements. Go to fulfill the karmic planning for your present life. You are instruments of God’s Will on Earth.

God Father is in Heaven guiding you, and none of those connected with Him will be abandoned or lost in darkness of ignorance.

Have faith and work so that the imperfect, weakened souls yours may ascend.

May the Peace of the Lord of the Worlds involve you and our dear Homeland!

Brazilian people, follow the Light that guides you!

Ishmael, Spiritual Guide of Brazil, 11/05/11

20. Divulge my words!

Beloved daughters, may the peace be with you!

From the invisible plane, we guide you.

The more that have been our efforts for millennia to put together my disciples, many will still remain below the limits of my influence, and for them nothing we can do, after the consolidation of New Order on Earth.

You that woke up in time of reaching the so wanted spiritual ascension, tuned in with us, listen to our appeal:

Divulge my words full of profound love that I feel for all of you. My words can touch deeply the hearts still anesthetized in illusion, and before "this planetary cycle" is finished, my words will be useful to awaken and attain new vibrational fields, even if is not still of regeneration, but are sensitive to the self-renewal and progress.

The tasks were accumulated for few disciples awakened; however you should not complain, but praise the exact hour that listened to the "last call" when there is still enough work to clean your souls, ascension and regeneration.

Work more and more!

Yours Master,

Ramatis, GESJ – 10/08/11


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