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The major number of people wonder know if after the material death they will suffer in the fire of the hell forever, as it is said them by some of sects based on the sins committed until the physical death or if they will cultivate the eternal blessedness for would-be merits gotten in the last existence.

For obvious reasons, we affirm that nor an alternative nor other.

The Divine Laws would not allow it, once only Love runs the Universe.

Whether you want to discover what waits you, when your physical body goes down into the grave and your spirit goes away in another dimension, reflect who are you, how do you think and acts indeed so that you discover your Self analyzing the attitudes and the thoughts that only depend on you.

Surely, you will not find the Heaven or hell, the suffering or the eternal happiness as is said to you. It will be another reality plenty of much pain or much peace that only will depend on the way you have used the free will granted for your progress in short period of time called life that is nothing else than one minute contained in the eternity.

Take advantage of such resources and opportunities granted you for a Peacetime afterwards this present life on earth.

That Father Almighty blesses you forever.

Amadeu, GESJ - 06/14/07 - Public Meeting - Vitoria, ES - Brazil.

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