It is time to change here and now


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Brothers, I greet you on behalf of Jesus!

Most of the embodied terrestrial creatures now, they prefer deceiving themselves as the hard and important moment in which they live. Thence, they refuse the chance of strong influence arising from invisible world over the material or physical ones.

They refuse the pardon preached by Jesus and usually accept a revengeful God providing them material rights.

Those brothers do not think that, if were real the great number of creatures named as faithful Christians, the negative and violent shadows reaching the humanity would not increase on proportion and force every day.

The religious leaders and priests believing in an artificial Jesus get them free from faults and of taking deep moral and spiritual attitudes that might change them actually.

Those serious events designed for the "End of the time" come, while the careless creatures believe in the miracle of changing at once, the planetary peace and prosperity will settle down as regard the current human reality.

The scientific progress brutalizes the careless souls while stimulating the primitive senses and anesthetizing them the hearts.

Brothers, the time to change is here and now.

Get free from the sectarianism and from the bad instincts, even being too late, because the cycle of opportunities is over.

Begin a real transformation that is very important to your immortal spirit that is completely wrapped by the religious sectarianism, and practice the Jesus' lessons that still press into your heart.

I leave you on the Peace.

Marcos Novaes, GESH, 05/25/07 - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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