He, who is against us, he will be our enemy.


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Peace on all of the planetary quadrants and in your hearts too.

Brothers, it is the time pass along the information on Superior Guidelines commanding our presence on earth. The Supreme Forces of Light guide us and we must divulge the "planetary transition" and to recruit other Servants of Jesus to compose the Armies of the Light.

We have begun our task telling you on our existence and purpose on earth.

Secondly, we divulged the Plan of Progress to which is submitted the entire Planet Earth with respective inhabitants.

Now, being you well informed with a view to make your choices and to take decisions, we would like to inform to all the people that had received the seed of Light at hearts, they should spread it and to fight with their swords.

You do not wait to reach the perfection to become Servant of Jesus. No one of us is perfect and only practicing the Love and Kindness, Charity and Pardon, we will meet Jesus who drives us from superior spheres.

Take your place and keep on alert. He, who is against us, he will be our enemy.

Do your best, because compassion and mercy will be our flag. Faith and Determination will guide our swords.

Peace on all of planetary quadrants and in your hearts too.

Commander Ashtar Sheram, GESJ - 03/03/07 - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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