Some opportunities to strengthen the Spirit


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Brothers, that Divine Master's Jesus Peace may flood your hearts, reestablishing the balance necessary balance for you continue in the terrestrial existence.

The creatures are disturbed because of storms reaching them; however, they wasted the precious life with pleasures, not getting ready for facing the troubles inherent to the material life.

Many creatures without love sow richly thorns richly on the strange road in order to keep "clean " their terrestrial life and, forgetting that immortal is only their souls inhabiting the perishable body.

The opportunities of strengthening the Spirit for facing the hard terrestrial trials, it is when the creature endeavor in acting and executing honestly the daily tasks. It is when he is knells down before the Creator in the time of crisis and of happiness to thank him and ask forces to go ahead, by means of good or bad experiences with elegance and faith.

In those moments is strengthened the spirit for not tumbling during the occurrences at "Ends of the Times."

Brothers, it is time of bitter harvest, mainly for Christ's rightists whom no more want to succumb before the probations of life. Then, join you around Jesus Christ giving the hands of only serving Christ in order to reach the regenerating dimension.

The troubles will be surrounding you, but united around Christ, you will be firm and ready to overcome them.

Jesus, our Friend blesses our roads.

Marcos Novaes, GESJ - 10/ 01/07 - Board meeting - Vitoria, ES-Brazil.

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