It is the time to make your choices.


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We greet you on behalf of Jesus.

Violence grows ever more alarming on Earth. Individual and collective conflicts accelerate the concentration of harmful fluids in the planetary astral.

The increment of collective deaths throws in the sticky and dense astral many unprepared Spirits that inevitably will feed the Darkness.

Unaware of their own responsibilities, Men delegate to the Religions the hard work of their own renewal. Moreover, these conductors of souls, for its turn, only want power and richness, selling or bargaining Indulgences that in nothing elevate them spiritually. To break this current insanity demands determination, perseverance and faith.

Jesus of infinite Kindness irradiates His Light so that all creatures change the negative domain into Christian freedom. Nevertheless, it depends on each one choose his/her own Master and follow him.

The pathway of the Adored Jesus is replete of thorns that we have planted formerly. It depends on us to change the thorns into flowers of peace and happiness.

Darkness is overfilled of illusory material sensations, of which the wind will inevitably disperse becoming the creatures lost and prisoners.

It is the time for each one makes his/her own choices.

We lead our greetings of Peace for all of you.

Ardok (Extraterrestrial), GESH - 08/16/08 - Vigil in Vila Velha, ES - Brazil.

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