The hour is of waking up!


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My brothers,

On Earth, the conflicts grow ever more alarming

In the sky, dark clouds spread out.

On Earth, the hunger and war desolate

In the Sky, anguish increases more and more.

Get ready all of you.

We are among you, because we are brothers.

We came to aid in your rescue, since you accept us.

Open your minds and hearts.

So that you wake up, study, work and love.

On Earth, we will enter

In Heaven, we guide you

However, between the Earth and the sky

There is the redemption road to tread.

My brothers,

The hour is of waking up.

Your spirits need to wake up.

And, besides the matter,

We have to see the spiritual life.

Time comes for abandoning vain attachments, sadness, hatred and pains.

To observe a new horizon and then, leaving happy

To meet our dear friends

Join us!

We are brothers ready to love each other.

We are plenty of sublime, perennial, eternal Love.

We only want to embrace all of you.

Setum Shenar, GESH - 10/12/04 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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