I will destroy everything, again!


Clairvoyance: After the mantra.

At certain place of the inferior astral inferior, I saw a Black Magician destroying various books. This Black Magician dressed garments of a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, position that he occupied while incarnate.

He was burning several works with spiritualistic and spirits "revelations", besides the works of our Group.

Next, I heard the following words:

"These women, components of the Spiritist House GESH, they will not publish the Third Revelation! I have destroyed all registrations of Fatima’s 3rd Revelation, when the Catholic Church should publish them. I will destroy everything again! This "new book" entitled "From Darkness to Light: Infernal Cities" I will also burn! Everything is going to the bonfire"!...

Soon afterwards, I saw Master Ramatis's projection that emanated a blue-gold light for our group, and, in that meantime, another medium channeled her Psychophonic message.

GESJ – 08/26/09 – Vitória/ES – Brazil.

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