Everything happened to the Earth may affect you


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Peace is on all planetary quadrants!

Peace is also in your hearts!

Terrestrial brothers, your planet shouts for renovation. Every day, its rhythm declines visibly and you can feel such falls.

Your biological rhythms feel the changes processed in the planet, because you are children of the Earth and from its body results the components of your body.

When reduces the atomic vibrations of the Planet’s material body, equally, the atomic vibrations of your bodies and constitution of living organisms no more answers to the rhythms of life of formerly.

The same process occurs in the planetary psyche and yours. Everything that happens to the Earth may affect you. Even if a tsunami does not reach your country, the unbalances provoked by its formation and furious explosion on the other side of the globe may affect your bodies.

The pain caused by the destruction of its impact and collective deaths equally will affect your psyche, because the magnetic vibrations of human feelings and disarrangements of subatomic disorganizations walk invisible waves to your eyes.

Through the pain, you understand that you and the Earth are only one body.

Through the pain, you understand that you are only one people governed by only one God.

Through the pain, you can see the magnitude of life!

We hope that through the blessed pain, you reach the Light of Superior Plans, so that you can accompany the evolutionary jump of the Planet.

In the name of love, we are with you all the way.

Peace is on all planetary quadrants!

Peace is also in your hearts!

Ashtar Sheram, GESH - 10/24/09 - Vigil Vila Velha/ES - Brazil.

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