Skip the planetary events no longer is possible


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Brothers, we wish peace and kindness in your hearts!

When disconnected the magnetic field that involves the Earth by mental human vibrations, it echoes back the imbalanced energies that reach all the kingdoms of nature, provoking catastrophes, in cycles increasingly violent.

The cycles of the Earth and the nature become destabilized. Time (ripening of fruits) of crops are altered due to climatic instability; a draught and sea current altered in its rhythm, they confuse the marine beings.

Everything on Earth operates in confusion and disharmony. The pulse of the Planet has changed, and its rhythm sometimes slow, other times fast provokes instability in emitting electromagnetic waves all around the globe and a lifetime in all planes.

Not only in the phenomena of nature, we can observe signals, but also, in the human and animal kingdom, diseases manifest atypically; animals get sick and suffer in a surprising and lamentable way. Vegetables also get sick before maturation and the impoverished soil is undone, becoming sandy and unproductive land, in some regions.

Skip the planetary events no longer is possible, because the evidences of facts, and its harsh reality reach the entire Planet; and humanity still feels at different intensity, the catastrophic results of this imbalance.

Humanity, turn your gaze to the spirit, forgotten and mistreated. Drive your actions to self-renovation, forgive the enemy and continue supporting the pain reserved to you, since there is your passport for a better world, right here, in the Renewed Earth.

Oh! God Almighty, we realize that the human beings unfaithful to your purposes, they immerse more and more in darkness with deformed and cruel beings in harmony of ideals.

Loved father, bless this humanity lacking in love.

Jesus bless you!

Architect Deva (i.e. Being of intense energy)

GESH - 05/22/10 - Vigil in Vila Velha/ES - Brazil.

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