Message for negligent mediums


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Dialogue between medium and Spiritual Instructor of GESJ.

Instructor: Have you sister studied the Spirit Doctrine?

Medium: Yes.

Instructor: Have you been attending it systematically seeking the development of mediumistic according to the Advanced Doctrine?

Medium: From... nearly 20 years, not continually, I am within the Spirit Doctrine.

Then, my sister, you know the mediumship in itself demands responsibility and assiduous work, as open door for the invisible plane. If the medium is neglecting his mental health and feelings, leaving them in disarray, it leads to dangerous approach of brothers, enemies or not, who wander in the invisible plane.

It is through the strengthening of soul, study, understanding and practice of the mediumship that you will find energy necessary to keep away, the crowd invading the invisible plane.

From your mind, break important destabilizing rays connected with appeals of imbalanced beings, often attracting dangerously, among you, those that formerly you hurt; and whose memories sent to your imbalanced mind, provoke unpleasant feelings and symptoms. Moreover, sending yet more insistently, dangerous thoughts to your physical, psychic and emotional health.

Balance your thoughts through the Jesus' Gospel, as balm and healing for your internal afflictions. When you feel the ignorant brothers approaching, work more and more seeking own moral and spiritual improvement and practice the anonymous mediumship to readjusts you with the neighbor and the Creator.

There is no injustice in or outside the terrestrial existence, because all creatures, equally created for evolution can travel in the physical or immaterial plane in search of their own balance.

Your conscience is awakened to the path of progress. Look for inner strength to proceed courageously toward the perfection, balance and peace.

No creature, no matter how dangerous or hateful, will be directly responsible for your fall. It does not matter how much somebody loves you unconditionally; he/she cannot be blamed for not raise you to the light of spiritual ascension. It is untransferable task, my sister.

You can make your questions.

Medium: Two or three weeks ago, I was receiving a special energy, when I saw several stakes in my body, and since then, I have felt very uncomfortable. It is not a physical, but energetic indisposition on my back.

Instructor: when you perform mediumistic tasks, do you feel your Spiritual Guide's presence driving you?

Medium: Yes, I do.

Instructor: Then, there is trust to go ahead, believing or not in the mediumistic service.

If it was shown to you the dangerous condition of your spiritual organization, it was to you review your conduct in the physical and mental plane, seeking the readjustment for not fall in the traps of those brothers mentioned above.

Yes, my sister, it is reality. You have been hurt in your spiritual body, because the remorse did not supplant the will to make progress and self-renewal before those that you hurt in the past. You did not get to ask them for forgiveness, offering them help; instead, you fell weakened, giving to them the opportunity to hurt your body and, once wounded the soul, it also affects the physical body deeply linked each other.

Did you understand me, my daughter?

Medium: How can I face these feelings and affliction?

Instructor: Renew your thoughts, attitudes, study the Spirit Doctrine and practice anonymously, the mediumship in favor of the poor spirits in invisible plane. This way, you will be aiding those that you hurt and healing the wounds of your spirit.

Change the thoughts frequency; look for Jesus and His Gospel. Avoid inferior feelings for not provoke your fall.

Make good use of this last blessed opportunity of reincarnation; the cycle of atonement is giving place to cycle of renewal.

Blessed be Jesus!

Yours Brother,

Narayana GESJ - 11/09/10 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

Note: We transcribed this message, which can be useful for other mediums or channels.

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