The negative forces will be banished from Earth


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Blessed be the Divine Lord Jesus!

Dear daughters, the Planet of Atonement is finishing, accelerating the Earth’s movement, which reduces the time for this humanity to carry out their duties seeking their own spiritual redemption.

All the current events denounce the approach of a new planetary order, when the Planet Earth may banish definitely the "Negative Forces". By the way, everybody tuned in with those negative beings may restart painfully, for not accepting to practice love, in order the free them from pride, selfishness and all the negative feelings that maintained them inside "shadows."

The fights for planetary sanitation increase for the Servants of Light. These face more and more, battles against "dangerous negative beings" sucking them the precious energies in performing their duties under the Hosts of Light. They also face their own karma to fulfill their liberating duties next to human collectivities where reincarnated, to undo the ties with the neighbor and prepare the soul to inhabit "New Age".

There is intense wearing for the Servants of Light’s physical and spiritual bodies; however, protected for not discourage or give up.

The Planetary Christ disseminates His Energies throughout the Planets of lower vibratory levels to develop their inhabitants, moving them a new regenerative stage.

We know of your efforts to fulfill the duties, as a Specialized Group on earth.

Be sure that many evolved brothers looking after each one of you to stay in the right road fulfilling the duties programmed for this stage of Planetary Transition. Your duty is alert the humanity on activities taking place in the both planes of life necessary to the human collectivity. All your efforts, physical and moral suffering, they are relevant to continue the Christ's Work.

The "Dark Commands" tumble in hard fights in the spiritual plane; they want at all costs to subdue the human beings; though, they find the Warriors of Light, as barrier to dominate the humanity fragile, inattentive and without faith.

My brothers, you go ahead confident, because your effort is necessary for the Planet and your souls.

Master Shama Hare is present.

Margarida asks on "daily routine" in the "Abrigo Servos de Jesus" (ASJ).

Shama Hare: We know of your intentions. All your efforts are necessary to keep ASJ inhabited. Surely, my daughter, you have accomplished your duty. In the invisible plane, many tasks have been accomplished in favor of the suffering ones and enemies of the light, and its role as Portal allowing the spaceships to transport the souls toward the planetary exile.

Over there, extra and intraterrestrial spaceships are on duty next to human collectivity. At the end, that place may be "Aid Station" for the embodied humanity.

Your efforts should be maintained, independent of the accomplishment or not, of the human will, wherever God wants to keep the superior objectives in helping the humanity, the Light will be there.

Go ahead working, because your mind connected with us, through the intuition, you will act under your Instructors and Guides.

Margarida: Thank you my Brother for confirming us in the right road.

Shama Hare: Yes sisters, each worker of this House of charity should make efforts to fulfill their little tasks, because together you will be able to accomplish great collective works. If one or other gives up or discourages, it weakens the group.

Go ahead sure that the Planetary Christ looks after all.

I greet you on behalf of the Light. I leave you on the Peace of the Lord Jesus.

Your though is correct, Margarida, every night you have been facing several battles.

In the battlefields, a body fights against enemies; other walks in the dark Abyss, more and more next to the "Beast", and other body monitors, instruct and commands the embodied disciples working in the invisible plane, on behalf of Christ.

May Jesus bless us!

Shama Hare, GESH - 02/04/11 - Psychophony - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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