There Would be no Pain...


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Project Earth! Earth mission! It is the union of efforts to help this humanity to evolve. Union of intergalactic beings which, abnegated, loving and loosened of the material illusion (that brother just is that of the same race or nationality, or that been born of the same progenitors), present in this orb, are collaborating to the construction and installation of a New Government, of a New Era.

If the inhabitants of the Earth had assimilated the lessons that was taught by His Larger Master, it would not be necessary so much pain and this universal mobilization. Their own inhabitants would be able to organize and, in the Divine Plan, would pass from the 3rd to the 4th dimension in Peace, with joy. They could watch this magic and beautiful moment from an artificial satellite built specially to greet and welcome them during this period. They would see the Earth involved by the Purifying Flame; they would see her at the exact moment in the ascension and would take part in those moments, sustaining her with their loving emanations. And when everything was finished, they would return happy homewards and would reconstruct her in the superior architectures molds. Working inside the Divine Laws.

There would no be pain, tears, creak of teeth, blood and violence. Its inferior astral would be already clean by the charitable action of the thousands and thousands of hearts, which would be available in the evangelization of these beings, involved by the webs of the illusion. With patience and love, they would awake and would be more some thousands of terrestrial beings linked with Love to this Earth.

If your inhabitants' vibration had reached a level high above than is today, involutives beings, rooted in the pain, violence, subjugation, blood and power, would not be here to influence them. Because the vibrations of love would prevent these beings of being here.

If the inhabitants of the Earth had followed the Divine example and loved their brothers as to themselves, there would not be divisions, wars, neither poverty, disease nor loneliness.

The Earth Mission was articulated by not existing anymore hope of a total awakening of the masses, avoiding the disintegration of a planet still so new, by the disrespectful and irresponsible actions of some of your inhabitants.

To hold the hands that provoke the Wars, only the hands that t live fully the Peace, because they own the force prevent the total destruction.

To hold the hands that practice the separativism, of the ones witch live in selfishness and joy of power, only the hands that live in the Universality of the Peoples.

To hold the hands that launch in the charks blood and violence, only the hands of those pure of heart and that live in themselves the Love and the Light. And by this way, they can detain the might and the sowing of the trevous influences.

The Earth will ascend and with her just the ones that vibrate in the Light, in Love, in the Peace of Christ Jesus.


Antak, in 17/11/00
GESH, Jacaraípe, Serra (Es), Brazil

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