Consultation for a work companion


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Clairvoyance: I have seen a group of Reptilians. One of them had in the hands white suitcases with records of people wanted by the Reptilians. He gave the record to another Reptilian that seemed his boss. I tried to take notes of the dialogue, as follows.

- Look at Carmen! (Probably it was the companion's name in another incarnation when met each other).

- She follows the Lamb of God.

- It is a pity!

- It is a shame!

- It is a disappointment!

- Could she come back!

- It is very difficult with three sentries around her.

- What for so much effort to help a person to become a worker of violent and influenced nature? We would easily become her boss of our armies.

- Will she also be boss over there?

- No, they try to seduce her to practice the lessons of the Lamb of God to free her soul.

- Is it possible?

- I only know, for the time being, she is unattainable. See how she knelt down before the Lamb begging pardon and strength for not abandoning that group.

We must wait for an opportune moment. Meanwhile, we can see other record.

The clairvoyance ended here.

Note: Reptilians often pursue worker of GESJ that already took part of that troop. They want to take her back.

GESJ - 07/12/11 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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