You are a "safe harbor” for the desperate ones!


Blessed be the Light today!

Blessed be the Love guiding us!

This House of Love means light in the stormy sea of passion, hate and revolt devastating the Caesar's world."

You are a "Safe Harbor" for the desperate ones begging for encouragement, pardon and comfort, so that they can later share peacefully with the happy ones that have already crossed the spiritual afflictions storms of the spirit.

Oh! Resting House for patients and weakened in "battles between good and evil" when arrived tired and hurt found fraternal hands and comfort as effective healing.

The victorious Light gave birth to sun where there was only darkness.

Here, we are happy and recognized as simple and ignorant ones of the greatness of God. We recognized ourselves as His children, and knelt down thanking to God, in the same way Jesus taught us to love and assist the neighbor begging for prayer and charity, as spiritual food.

Thank you Master Ramatis for bringing us here giving the testimony we are eternal that before nothing we have done as ignorant embodied spirit, today we are aware of our duty as "free spirit."

Save the Light.

Save this House of work and love.

Camoes, GESH – 12/21/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

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