Christ's Mark shines in you


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Christ's Mark shines in you

Daughter of my heart,

I am smaller than other workers here.  But, Spirits of Light brought me to address some words of encouragement to your hurt hearts.

After long years of combat, since your turbulent birth until self-control of your Self, your strong forged petrified soul was already prepared for what you lived and still lives at final phase in the matter.

During your planning of life, you did not ask for betrayal, because God does not create traitors, but even so, it came. You did not attract hate, but it manifests in your life.

So, it will be, therefore Christ's Mark shines in you. After the fights, lighter will be your bale, deserving when returning to Spiritual Homeland, to meet the happy ones that expect a fraternal hug of sincere friendship, no longer under pain and suffering, but with a great joy, as participant in rebuilding the home of the regenerated brothers.

Until it happens, I am with you.

Isabel, GESH - 11/11/11 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

Note: Isabel Maria Conceição was Margarida's adoptive mother. She died in Vitoria/ES on September 8, 1970, when she was 84 years old.


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