Leaders of the Brazilian Nation


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The coming times will enable you to understand fully the Father's purposes.

Per hour, bear in mind Jesus Christ’s lessons of humility and love, as the safe path to tread so that Brazil as Nation destined to follow up the humanity embraces happy its destination.

The evolutionary jump the Brazilian people are called to fulfill is the one that puts it as example of universal fraternity ready to welcome the brother, without prejudice or judgment bringing near itself to assist their needs.

Each Brazilian one received in is karmic plan, the germ of simplicity and humility to serve others. Some people have already understood it; others are still discovering, but all together can render concrete the Greatest Purposes on this journey.

Leaders of Brazilian Nation, once again, we applied the mediumistic resource of communication to you bear in mind the great commitment assumed before an entire collectivity.

Your act is committed with the construction of common good. Your interests should be the legitimate interests of the people you govern, and your efforts should only seek the progress of the "Universal Fraternity Country."

Nations older than Brazil should understand that one only wins and conquers a strange territory through love, as well as, power erected along the time has done and undone countless countries that also tumbled impoverished.

There is not among human beings, more powerful energy than power of love compassion, pardon and kindness.

Nothing of material and temporal may assure future happiness; however, all good actions practiced in accordance with "God’s Plan" will readjust you fully to the Laws of Life elevating you to angelical spiritual condition.

Renouncement, work, solidarity and love should be your guidelines all the way.

Be in Peace with Jesus!

Ismael, Brazil´s Spiritual Guide - GESH - 09/22/12 - Porto Seguro/BA - Brazil.

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