The Humanity is penetrating the critical moments of Planetary Transition


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Brothers, save the Planetary Christ that governs the Planet Earth!

At the beginning the present year was given the warning so that the Extraterrestrial Spaceships responsible for relative safety on Earth entered in alert state; because the humanity is penetrating the critical moments of the Planetary Transition.

To all summoned, we recommend do not let despair, panic and fear of death dominate their thoughts and actions.

People who hear us and believe in our fraternal presence, they already know the course and guidelines to be taken when emerge in the matter, events long ago warned.

They were trained by experienced skilled" "Instructors. When are called for to put into practice the lessons learned, above all, have faith, because will be guided by enlightened minds involving their efforts. They participated voluntarily and learned survival techniques and transport of Groups to be formed.

More warnings will come, and from them, with the knowledge they already have, attention, courage and faith in our words, they will have the safe itinerary to guide them amid the debris, corpses, screams, and laments. Thus, they will reach a safe place to be quickly rescued and directed to places prepared to receive them by extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial beings.

We wish Peace in the entire Planet Earth.

Aaron, officer of the Command Ashtar -GESH - 02/19/13 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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