The Akashic Registers


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Beloved brothers,

May the Peace of Lord Jesus be among us!

The Akashic Registers, as you know, they are for your understanding, places of difficult understanding.

Located in the ether besides the physical plane, they represent the memory of a planet, in the same way in the group formed between brain and human mind, the corporal memory is unfolded. This memory is unfolded at different levels of evolution, and men can access the recent or remote ones, as they drive or leave their thoughts driven them.

They can also travel in time, and through memory access experiences of other existences recorded in conscience or unconsciousness.

However, the planetary memory, as well as the human one, despite the different proportions, it can be driven forward or backward in agreement with need and condition of who access it.

The Akashic Registers have no correspondence of time and space as you know. The events are registers that occurred or shall occur according to the Planet´s spectral karmic diagram.

We do not hope to find clear registers about the future Earth, because the collectivities to it linked, they permanently project harmful and imbalanced vibrations.

There are no miracles in the Universe; everything elapses from the causal relation action and reaction. Thence, you can access the Akashic Registers, in order to know the future episodes.

Nevertheless, rarely is allowed such access to ordinary men, because could result serious compromising. Those still dominated by weaknesses, they could use such knowledge and information to own benefit, for pure selfishness, when all good action should favor the collectivities.

This Group yours, for everything it has been accomplishing, dedication to the tasks, serenity and commitment with the Good, confirmed to each fight and cleaning of the astral, the Lords of Karma allowed permanent connection with flow of light that record in the immaterial ether, the events referred to the future of the Earth.

Your friend,

Ramp - GESH - 02/22/2013 - Vitoria/ES - Brasil.

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