The Earth no longer sings in its movements


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Fraternal greetings addressed to our earthly friends wishing Peace in all of the planetary quadrants and in your hearts too!

The Earth no longer sings in its movements.

From its wounded body, the produced sounds more resemble the cry of one who agonizes.

No longer there is return to the primary condition of health Planet when it was given to your humanity.

Life on earth was granted you by the Father as the best gift so that you could progress, cleaning your own body through the salutary fluidic emanations freed of the terrestrial body. However, not only you neglected the necessary cleaning of your spiritual bodies, as well as you hurt deadly that one created and given to you as source of redemption and renewal of your lives.

It has arrived the hour you also must cry and, your cry, as humanity, will echo into space and remain forever in your souls wherever you go, therefore, diverted by useless attitudes and infractions withstanding the Major Law.

For this planet, there is no return to the health. Sufferings may devastate the Earth and humanity until the end; only after having eliminated the last negative element, a new cycle will reborn.

The cleaned and sanitized Earth may penetrate a "dimensional portal" and no more can be accessed by primitive and late minds. Only the children of the Earth after submitted to deep cleaning may develop the superior qualities of souls, again through this planetary cradle, beginning a new song of peace and fraternity among the inhabitants of the new Earth.

While the happy hour does not come, we recommended the lost consciences to seek their own renewal while there is time, understanding the ephemeral life in the matter. From the space, spirits and beings of many different places attracted by painful sounds emitted by your Planet, they work unceasingly for the transformation required.

No warning and preparation will be useless, but thrown into the hearts and minds of those seeking renewal because there will germinate, although in distant future, serving as example of the Father's Kindness and Plan of the Creation.

We greet you in the name of the Light, thankful for receiving us. May the energies presented generously by the Planetary Christ allow the progress that is urgent at this time of proofs!

Commander Ashtar Sheran - GESH - 03/28/2006 - Vitoria/ES - Brasil.

Note: Message of the Divulgation 41.

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