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Peace over all the points of Earth!

Dear brothers, warrior soldiers, that make part of the Liberation Army.

Following up with the past instructions today I come to speak you about UNION.

It is necessary to work your forces directing them to the common Good. Each one of you in position, performing the task, however not forgetting that you are as small pieces of a great engine.

To each Group spread over the Earth, over all the point of the Planet, is necessary to spread these words. That all people be gathered in thoughts, pray and vibrations to generate a unique center of force that will guarantee the maintenance of the energy of peace in this Planet.

Have you perceived that nothing happens but with the Father will? All that is coming to occur, it has to be; either in your individualities or your collectivities. So, stop vibrating in the particular things and be united in mental pray for your Planet.

Remember the brother that is at the other side of the hemisphere, with cold, hungry, like if he/she is your closer brother/sister. Perhaps are not the hungry and cold the same here? Then, do not think on that people suffering, but in all the moral suffering that hit the humanity!

Be united in peace vibrations and give spiritual alleviation to those who suffer, wherever they are!

Unlink your minds from particular and tight vibrations. If your son is sick, remember those little ones spread over the continents suffering several illness and pray for them. Ask less for your people since they do not have anything.

Where the distrust and fear are residing the doubt appears and when doubt is cultivated it creates roots that suffocate.

Vibrations in Peace.

Ashtar Sheran
(Psycography, 29/09/97)

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