The End approaches


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Peace in Christ Planetary.

Once again I am with you to convey the necessary guidelines for the work in development. I'm counting on you.

I have been in the past warning you of the events to come and of those words, and have deduced the events which you are now experiencing with great intensity.

Sadly are the messages we bring, if viewed from the earthly point of view. Nevertheless, the Liberating Forces advance on Earth, sweeping away all evil and disillusionment, pain still necessary. We bring to your knowledge that we are not the extraterrestrial bearers of the energies that call yourselves to desolate earthly humanity. We are only the bearers of the broad vision that the Cosmos offers us. Vision of a sick earth. Sick by the action of the man who mistreats her, withdraws her precious energies for the maintenance of planetary balance, and of the whole system where she is situated.

Man can intervene in all processes, because the free will allows every creature; however, there are limits even for the human species. And, when your choices compromise the stability of the Cosmological System, Higher Forces intervenes saying "Enough!"

That is the message we bring you.

It's time to stop!

It is necessary that mankind understands that the limit of insanity is imposed by the Universal Law of Love, Progress and Justice.

We have come to you, not bearers of bad news, but holders of the signs of hope that shine in space, signaling to men the paths they must follow.

We wanted to be able to bring you other news, but we do not have them, because the black cover of the disloyalty, of disrespect for our neighbor, of greed, of excessive power spreads quickly on your Planet and many are the consequences of the mistakes made in the name of the lower passions.

You are already living in insecurity and fear in society. You will see on Earth the Command of the Evil assuming important and decisive positions for the conduction of life in the Planet.

Do not despair when recognizing in the posts of Major Command in this orb, satanic, shady, perfidious figures.

Do not let yourselves be overcome by fear, by insecurity or distrust of abandonment and helplessness: the Father never forsakes his children.

In no case will there be abandonment or withdrawal by the Tutors. We are with you, even if it seems hard to believe.

The energies are agitated in the Astral Plane and the war goes round the Planet. There will be pains and gnashing of teeth. The whole Globe will be shrouded in darkness, terrifying darkness.

You will be like fireflies flashing the lights, a sign of life and love, persisting despite the pain.

You will flash your lights, even if it is your last act. Do not be discouraged, ever!

The force that will sustain life, the hope of many, will come from Brazil, but the small but persevering work of permanent cleaning of the darkness that covers the Planet will come from you.

The "evil energies" move on the Earth. They believe that they are dominating and must be so, because the more they believe, the more mistakes they commit, then we can have them under the siege as easy targets for the necessary slaughter at the right time dictated by the Greater Command of the Loving Heart of the Master Jesus, Who guides us in this painful undertaking for the incarnated, but liberating for spirits whose faith rises above earthly things.

Strength, courage, perseverance, unity and love in your hearts!

Save the Force of Light!


Commander of the Rescue Troops

Extraterrestrial friend

GESH – Vitória, ES – Brasil


Note: Message  from the book “The Decayers and their Earth Trajectory Vol.II”

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