We are all part of the universal family


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The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, my sisters!

You have been warned of the intense struggles of the Last Judgment and confrontation with the fierce enemies, and these combats bring consequences to the physical plane, in the form of illnesses, emotional imbalances, discouragement, hindering the spiritual task if these mismatches are not sublimated by each one of the Servant Workers of Jesus.

There can be no barriers to communications, both physically and spiritually, imposed by the mind of the worker.

The superior beings who lead us, know and know all of you, incarnate, the fragilities and potentialities of each one. Therefore, you should not be afraid to give yourself wholly to the task that you carry out with gallantry and that guarantees you the spiritual health and progress you desire.

We are with you! We are a Falange of Servant Workers of Jesus who walks along with you in this House of Charity and Love and also wishes to progress.

Go forward, brethren, for if you now face the beasts still immersed in the framework of flesh, it is because this is necessary for your progress.

Do not be discouraged by the struggles; on the contrary, see them as a blessed opportunity for progress.

Jesus is with us and His Love floods our bodies and minds, strengthening us to clash, to progress.

Your Brother Chico, with you.

Not long ago we queued to fulfill the tasks of this House and are temporary workers, because we often have to move away; but here we feel in all of you the feeling of a great family, the universal family.

We are all brothers and we share the love of Christ. It sustains us in the journey we undertake, wherever we go.

Darkness floods the planet and involves humanity and all of us who are part of this humanity, must rise with courage, facing the gales that lie ahead.

Forward, sisters! With Jesus we will achieve the victory of the spirit over matter.

Save Jesus!

Save the Servant Workers of Jesus!

Chico Xavier

GESH – 17/03/2017 – Vitória, ES – Brasil

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